Sonada couple Babin - Ranjita Nugo gets chance to sing for Nepali feature films

Babin and Ranjita Nugo
A couple from Rangmook tea estate near Sonada has received a pleasant surprise by getting an opportunity to sing for Nepali feature films in Kathmandu.
Babin Nugo and Ranjita Nugo will be playback singing for two upcoming Nepali films named ‘Akhara’ and ‘Mero Love’. The couple comes from tea garden workers’ families, but the two have always remained drawn towards music and used to sing in local programmes organised on various occasions. Encouraged by the appreciation they received from their audiences, Babin and Ranjita decided to try their luck and set forth for Kathmandu where they began singing in restaurants and stage programmes.
They were successful in the Nepalese capital too and soon came up with an album titled ‘Hamro Jodi’ in association with Santosh Pragad, currently one of the top music directors in Nepal.
Babin and Ranjita said when the duet ‘Hamro Jodi’ and solo ‘Mailey Bhetey’ songs were being recorded last month, prominent Nepali film producers Subash Paudyal and Siyaram Paudyal happened to be present at Pragad’s studio. They were enamoured instantaneously and asked the couple to lend their voices in two upcoming films.
The ‘Hamro Jodi’ album has six songs in total and was released on September 14, right in the Nugo couple’s hometown in Sonada.(EOIC)

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