Scrub typhus fears Darjeeling Hills

Scrub typhus fears Darjeeling Hills
Scrub typhus fears Darjeeling Hills as it has been said that the death of Darjeeling's social worker and youth leader, and the General Secretary of KKRSS Central Committee Bishal Khambu Rai from Kurseong was bitten by this mites.

More and more people are being admitted to Mirik block hospital after being bitten by mites. The mite is extremely small and is difficult to see, but it can be found in mice, on wood pile, bamboo stalks (Bans gharee), animals and livestock, forests and fields.

When some species of trombiculid mites popularly known as 'Chiggers' bite humans it causes a disease which is known as 'Scrub typhus'. The primary symptoms of this disease include headache, fever, muscle and joint pains, red eye, rashes all over the body and so on.
If anyone is showing these symptoms after going to the forest or after coming in contact with the animals, then they are requested to visit their doctors immediately.
If this disease is ignored for long, then it can cause death.
So far this year alone, 16 cases of "Scrub Typhus" have been reported from Mirik Hospital. Other such cases have been reported from various hospitals and clinics all over Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong.

Please share with your friends and family... some day someone could be saved due to this information.

[Report: Bishan Rai for TheDC]

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