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PS Golay supports tribal status for Kirati Khambu Rai community

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha chief PS Golay
After Sikkim, the popularity of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha chief PS Golay can be seen growing steadily in the hills of Darjeeling.
The All India Kirati Khambu Rai Association welcomed and appreciated the statement made by Golay recently in Sikkim before Union Tribal Minister Joel Oram.
Talking to reporters, Bishal Rai, a senior member of the All India Kirati Khambu Rai Association, and Media Cell in-charge Mahesh Rai said the GJM chief and GTA chief executive Bimal Gurung has already taken several initiatives of late to fulfill the Rai’s demand for tribal status. But recently, it was SKM chief PS Golay who made a more concrete move by asking Oram on the status of the long-pending tribal status demand of the Kirati Khambu Rai community.
As per them, on September 11th, a 15 member team of the All India Kirati Khambu Rai Association from the Darjeeling hills led by association senior leader Ram Rai visited Sikkim and met Oram. They served a deputation with the tribal status demand and also apprised him of the long-standing demand. In response, the union minister heard the delegates and assured them of reviewing the demand.
They further informed that apart from the demand of the Khambu Rai community, the delegates also urged the minister for inclusion of 10 communities from the Darjeeling hills under the ST status.
“We thank GTA chief Bimal Gurung for working on the inclusion of 10 communities in the ST list and we also convey our deepest gratitude to SKM chief PS Golay for his positive statement in favour of the Khambu Rai community,” added the delegates. (EOIC)

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