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Mamata can’t form more development boards for Darjeeling Hill ethnic communities - Asok

Former state urban development minister Asok Bhattacharya
Former state urban development minister Asok Bhattacharya today said chief minister Mamata Banerjee is in no position to form development boards for all the ethnic communities in the Darjeeling Hills.
Following the Lepcha and Tamang development boards, other groups in the Hills have been demanding similar councils for their communities’ overall development. After Miss Banerjee’s over three days’ tour of Darjeeling Hills that began on 1 September, Mr Bhattacharya said: “Though a bit too late, Mamata Banerjee has finally realised that she is in no position to form several boards as per the demands of the various ethnic groups in this region.”
Mr Bhattacharya has written a book on the several separate boards and separate states, by analyzing political views from Telangana to Northeastern states, including Assam, and the formation of the Lepcha Development Board and other boards. He says that the chief minister has opened a Pandora’s Box. The book is likely to be published before Mahalaya.
Addressing the third foundation day of the Lepcha Development Board (LDB) in Kalimpong on Wednesday, Miss Banerjee pointed out that she was facing problems in constituting several such boards.
The CM also said that she will come up with an ‘alternative idea’ to satisfy the other groups.After going through media reports, Mr Bhattacharya said that he did not find anything new during her visit to Darjeeling this time, except for her wish to build a ‘New Darjeeling’ in Kalimpong.
“She does not bother to abide by the government’s rules and regulations. Formation of a Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) in Darjeeling was nothing official, but her personal decision. She does not bother to adopt any resolution officially,” he said. Miss Banerjee had said that she would open a mini CMO for people in the Hills. Also, Miss Banerjee’s observation was that the present day Darjeeling, the main attraction of tourists, is congested, and that Kalimpong should be developed as an alternative to Darjeeling to attract tourists. In Kalimpong the CM also said that she wants to make a new Darjeeling which will be ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’.


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