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Kalimpong Besil International agents submit deputation to SDO

Kalimpong Besil International agents submit deputation to SDO
Agents related to Kalimpong-based office of chit-fund company Besil international today submitted a deputation demanding the intervention of the local administration to help them get the money invested in the company by their clients. Following the closure of the company a few weeks ago, around 70 agents from different parts of Kalimpong today reached the SDO and submitted the deputation. As the senior agents of the company have been absconding ever since the Besil International office here closed, the junior agents themselves took the initiative to get help from the administration.
Investors have been complaining about many senior agents and the management of the company abandoning town and being out of reach. The company had recently released a directive, requesting the investors to post few important documents and passbook related to their investments to the company’s office in Kolkata. However, most of the investors’ documents and passbooks were kept at the Kalimpong branch office.
Speaking to reporters, Besil agents Sunita Rasaily said the Kalimpong SDO should talk with Kalimpong police to retrieve the documents from the office, which has been sealed. In response to the demand, SDO S Radhika Iyer has given her word to speak with Kalimpong PS in-charge and get back to the agents.
The agents claim many senior agents have been running away from their responsibilities, due to which the intervention of the SDO is important. “The senior agents do not provide any information on the current status of the company. They also have not provided any help to the clients in submitting the required documents and passbooks. This is why we need the help of the administration,” an agent explained. (EOIC)

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