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Gurung (Tamu) to demand Gurung Development Board

Gurungs want development board
The Gurung (Tamu) Youth Association of Kurseong today held a meeting at Bloomfield Library where it was unanimously agreed to demand for the formation of a Gurung Development Board.  
Talking to reporters, Gurung (Tamu) Youth Association (Kurseong) secretary Dipankar Gurung said representatives from different places of Darjeeling participated in the meeting and a unanimous agreement was reached to demand for a development board for the Gurung community for its overall development.
He said various communities in the hills have been making efforts to develop their respective communities’ culture and tradition, but the Gurung community is lagging far behind in this aspect. A development board for the Gurungs will give members access to various rights and facilities hitherto deprived.
It is inconsequential to mention here that the Lepcha and Tamang communities have already been accorded their respective development boards by the state government, which observers warn is a policy to divide the communities of the hills who have been living since generations as one single family.(EOIC)

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