Fraudsters hyper active in Kurseong town

Fraudsters hyper active in Kurseong town
Several people in Kurseong town have been reportedly duped by fraudsters in and around the region through various means, including the mobile phone.
The fraudsters have been calling up people and demanding their bank account details and later fraudulently withdrawing money from the accounts.
A teacher working in a reputed school in Kurseong recently received a similar call, but as she was alert, she hung up, but only after giving the caller a good dressing down, the teacher said.
“The caller identified himself to be a bank employee and asked me the details of my bank account and the ATM,” she said.
In another incident, a local recently received a call from a Delhi number, and the caller told him that he has won a brand new mobile phone set through an online lottery.
“The caller told me that the phone set costs Rs 13,000 in the market, but that I can have it if I send him Rs 3000,” the local man said.
However, when he sent the money to the address the caller had given him, and when the package arrived in Kurseong from Delhi, he was shocked to find only an empty box.
Upon investigations, this correspondent found that these two case were just the tip of the iceberg.
Local people reported many such incidents when they have been actually duped or when fraudsters have tried to cheat them in one way or the other.
Bank officials, meanwhile, said they never ask for details of their customers over the phone.
They urged people to be aware of such callers and not entertain them in any
A police officer said people should contact the police immediately if they receive such calls.
“People must be aware of such fraud going on across the world and should never give the callers their personal details,” a police officer in town said.

Source: sns

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