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Darjeeling MP Ahluwalia slams over CM office in Darjeeling

Darjeeling MP Ahluwalia slams over CM office in Darjeeling
Siliguri, 3 September: Darjeeling MP and BJP leader SS Ahluwalia today said the chief minister’s office (CMO) in Darjeeling that CM Mamata Banerjee proposed yesterday would be an “extension of the Trinamul Congress party office.”
Mr Ahluwalia said the state government should have proposed setting up the “health minister’s office” in the Hills, especially at a time when many people have died of encephalitis.
Miss Banerjee yesterday said in Kalimpong that a “mini” CMO would be set up in Darjeeling.
“What is the need of setting up a CMO when Uttarkanya is already there? The need of the hour is to set up an office of the health minister, because hundreds of people have died  of encephalitis in the  region. The health office should have been set up near the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital.
The CMO in Darjeeling will be an extension of the Trinamul Congress party office,” Mr Ahluwalia, who was selected as a member of the Privilege Committee of Parliament today, said over phone from Delhi.(sns)

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