Metal Society of Burnt Hill - Mirik

Metal Society of Burnt Hill - Mirik
Good news for metal music lovers of Darjeeling- METALHEADS group of Mirik organised a meeting at Mirik Lake Garden and formed an association named "METAL SOCIETY OF BURNT HILL-MIRIK"

"Blazing through the wreckage, burning all we see
The life we lead committed to be free
Our union is a fortress
Together we are bound
A common bound in freedom and in sound
So raise your voices high
For miles around to hear
Let them know we are drawing near
In union we stand!!"
- Overkill

Their main vision is to create a platform for a new metal artists and to uplift the metal music scene in the Mirik hills.

The new executive members are as follows:-
President: Car Key'z
Vice President : Bishal Ghalay
Vice Predident : Abhilash Chhetri
Secretary : Gaurav Lama
Joint Secretary : Saurav Sunar
Joint Secretary : Anil Sarki
Treasurer : Anupam Tamang and Yogen Tamang
Advisors : Sasank Subba, Siddharth Newar and Manish Rai

Those who want to check them out, support them, join them can visit their page:

TheDC team supports the endeavour of these young guns, and looks forward to something awesome coming out of this.

Good Luck Folks..."Be making your way to the Higher High!!

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