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kurseong ngo chetna holds awareness programme on encephalitis

Kurseong NGO Chetna holds awareness programme on Encephalitis
Chetna, kurseong based a non-government organization and led by the former vice chairman of the Kurseong Municipality Balram Chettri has been conducting various awareness programme on Encephalitis, a number of prevalent issues.
Following the same trend, the members of Chetna took to the streets of Kurseong and distributed an awareness based pamphlets on deadly diseases, such as ‘Scrub Typhus’ and ‘Japanese Encephalitis’ to the common people.
Talking to the reporters, the NGO’s general secretary Bishal Sharma said Chetna has been formed to bring awareness on different issues and themes to the people of the hills. He further added that recently, they had planted trees in and around SB Dey TB Sanatorium to bring awareness among the people with the theme ‘save mother earth and environment’.
Sharma further said that presently two fatal diseases have rocked the people in the hills and in the plains of North Bengal. Hence, in a bid to provide awareness among the masses regarding these two serious viruses, they have distributed leaflets in and around Kurseong town, in which several information including precautionary measures have been mentioned. He also informed they have also been visiting different schools and colleges to aware the students regarding the’ Scrub Typhus’ and ‘Japanese Encephalitis’.(EOIC)

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