GNWO files police complaint against GJM ward commissioner

women’s wing of the Gorkha National Liberation Front
Members of the women’s wing of the Gorkha National Liberation Front, alleging misbehaviour by a municipality ward commissioner owing allegiance to the Gorkha Janmukti Morch, have lodged a general diary at the sadar police station here demanding immediate action.
Gorkha National Women’s Organisation (GNWO) president Manjila Tamang on Wednesday accused ward number 11 commissioner Tilak Chhetri of misbehaving and intimidating some GNWO members who had approached him for his recommendation on their residential certificates.
“On Tuesday, some of our members from ward 11 had gone to the municipality to get a recommendation from Chhetri for their residential certificates. But he refused to comply and instead threatened them with dire consequences. We condemn this discrimination and will not remain quiet until we get justice,” said Tamang.
To get one’s residential certificate, a person has to first to receive the recommendation of the commissioner of the ward he resides in. The ward commissioner identifies the applicant and verifies the person’s credentials before making the recommendation.
Sangeeta Thami, one such applicant from ward 11 who had approached Chhetri said, “Some of us had gone to the municipality to get our ward commissioner’s recommendation. We placed a humble request before him. But the commissioner got angry for no apparent reason and threatened us and asked us to get the recommendation done by our party, which is not part of the municipality board.”
She added, “The municipality is run by the GJM, but its members should not indulge in politics. They should view people who approach them without any political bias as the municipality is the local civic body. We have also recorded Chhetri’s misbehaviour and threats as evidence.”
The ward commissioner, meanwhile, alleged it was the GNWO members who misbehaved with him and used foul language. “There were about 10 to 11 GNWO members who had come to my office Tuesday afternoon seeking recommendation. But I was taken aback by their behaviour. They spoke to me in a rude tone and began abusing me when I protested,” said Chhetri.
He added, “They had a pre-planned intention to create a ruckus and stain my name. In fact, only four of the ladies were from my ward.”
When asked why he refused to recommend the four women, Chhetri said, “I do not differentiate residents of my ward on the basis of their political alliance. I have done a lot of work earlier for GNLF supporters. But yesterday’s incident was totally different and my refusal was the fallout,” he said, adding that he too has lodged a complaint against the GNWO members with the police.
Municipality chairman Amar Singh Rai said he was aware of what had transpired on Tuesday and assured to get to the bottom of the matter.
Police officials at the sadar station confirmed of receiving complaints from both the GNWO and Chhetri and assured of looking into it in detail. (EOIC)

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