DDUDF emphasises on Gorkhas national identity

DDUDF emphasises on Gorkhas national identity
The Darjeeling Dooars United Development Foundation (DDUDF) has appealed to all Indian Gorkhas to strive to “give final shape to their quest for national identity” after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his recent visit to Nepal, agreed to the idea of reviewing the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty.
According to the DDUDF, under which independent candidate Mahendra P Lama contested the recent Lok Sabha election from Darjeeling, Mr Modi discussed crucial and significant issues, including the India-Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty signed in 1950, as the Nepalese side demanded that the treaty be reviewed and revised.
The DDUDF claimed that the Indian Gorkhas look at this treaty from the view point of a bilateral arrangement which has adversely affected their political identity and Indian nationality because Article 7 and Article 8 of the Treaty permit unrestricted movement of citizens of both the countries in each others’ territory on a reciprocal basis.
“The free flow of people from Nepal through the entire stretch of the 1751-km open border and their settlement in different parts of India has rather adversely affected the Indian Gorkhas as their Indian identity and nationality gets diluted because of the presence of the people with similar culture and language but of Nepalese nationality. Though Indian Gorkhas raised the issue in several national forums, there is no durable and permanent solution yet,” the DDUDF claimed in a press release issued here today.
The Foundation also pointed out that as the Indian Prime Minister agreed to the idea of reviewing/revising/abrogating the treaty, it is high time the Indian Gorkhas too raised this issue to ensure their exclusive Indian identity.(sns)

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