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Yangdi Sherpa Sikkim first woman Everester passed away

Sikkim first woman Everester Yangdi Sherpa
On 6 July Sunday the Himalayan State of Sikkim turned pale when the state’s first woman mountaineer Yangdi Sherpa (37) who scaled Mt. Everest passed away due to liver cancer. A young woman who worked as the mountaineering institute instructor was diagnosed with liver cancer few months back, she was under going treatment at New Delhi.
Yangdi scaled Mt Everest on 22 May 2008 as part of ten member summiters combined from North East States. State also conferred Yangdi Sherpa with Khel Samman on 2013 during the state day, the highest award for sportsperson in Sikkim presented by government.
Sherpa’s mountaineering fraternity calls a biggest loss for the state, her institute where she had been working as mountaineering instructor turns gloomy after her sudden demise. “Yangdi Sherpa was dignified, able and diligent person who was always proactive in firiend circle around due to her magnetic characteristic”, tells her institute staff to media.
Yangdi leaves behind her husband and 7-month old son.

Source: Voice Of Sikkim

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