GNLF Terai unit Voices for Sixth Schedule, DGHC demand

GNLF Terai unit youth convener Navraj Chettri
Following the footsteps of the GNLF units in the hill region, the party’s Terai unit have also voiced their support to the recently spurred political activities by Subhash Ghisingh led front. Talking to reporters here, GNLF Terai unit youth wing convener Navraj Chettri said the first real statehood movement for Gorkhaland took place in the 1980s, while the current movement is filled with drama. He reiterated the party’s main objective is to improve the living standard of Gorkha people and bring development to the hill through the implementation of the Sixth Schedule.
He further said, “Looking into the current administrative mismanagement in the hills, we also want the state and the central government to reinitiated the DGHC until the Sixth Schedule is implemented.” According to the youth leader the implementation of the Sixth Schedule will also pave way for the formation of Gorkhaland and will help rescue the Darjeeling Hills.
Hitting at Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia, Chettri said the people voted for Ahluwalia and sent him to Parliament as their representative, but he will never think about the benefit of the people. “He does not believe in Sixth Schedule and is against its implementation. This makes his clear how honest and dedicated he is to the Darjeeling hills and its people,” he pointed out. Chettri also informed the GNLF Terai unit has also started political activities similar to the hills, such as awareness rallies, handout distribution, putting up posters etc. (EOIC)

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