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GJM to raise statehood demand with center soon: Dr. HB Chettri

Kalimpong MLA, Dr. HB Chettri
The GJM spokesperson and Kalimpong MLA, Dr. HB Chettri said the party will soon start putting pressure on the central government for the statehood demand and is awaiting an appropriate time. Speaking at the Shahid Diwas function held today at Shahid Park here, Dr. CHettri said, “The BJP-led central government has been in office for just three months now, so a Morcha delegation will visit Delhi in the next 6-8 months and table the Gorkhaland demand.” Justifying the delay in approaching the government further, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently dealing with many national and international issues of greater importance for the country and is also schedule to be out of the country. “Placing the demand under such circumstances is not right and would not offer any productive results,” Dr. Chettri pointed out.
He informed the BJP is aware about the Gorkhaland demand and there is not much to inform about apart from presenting an official request. “Senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani has already voiced his support for Telangana and Gorkhaland, while PM Narendra Modi has already said Gorkha’s dream is his dream. Therefore, our party has a lot of hope from the central government on the issue,” the GJM spokesperson said.
“This is the time to see the honesty of the BJP leadership, who had supported the demand when they were in the opposition. If the BJP government cannot provide us Gorkhaland, no one else can,” Dr. Chettri stressed.
He further pointed out the statehood demand is getting prolonged due to the political situation in the hills and the lack of long-sighted and influential people for the movement. “Despite a few MPs raising voice in support of Darjeeling hills and making headlines in newspapers, it has not been able to make an impact. Unless the Gorkhaland demand gets momentum in Parliament, it would be best to wait and watch for the opportune moment,” Dr. Chettri added.(EOIC)

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