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Daughter sexually assaulted by father in Kalimpong

Daughter sexually assaulted by father in Kalimpong
In a yet another shameful revelation of sexual molestation in the Kalimpong town, a daughter has accused her own father of rape. Hailing from a village under the Kalimpong subdivision, the 16-year old victim narrated the story to her step-mother about the repeated molestation by her father, following which the incident was revealed. After the incident was reported to the Kalimpong police, the accused Bhakta Bahadur Tiruah has been detained and is currently under police custody.
Since Tiruah was beaten up by family members after the incident was revealed and has been admitted to Kalimpong Hospital under close police watch. The victim informed about the incident to her step-mother after she missed her menstrual cycle for two consecutive months, based on which she also has been admitted to the hospital for medical check-up.
The family members have registered an FIR, while the police have initiated a probe into the matter. They will interrogate Tiruah, as per the complaint filed by the family, after he is discharged from the hospital.
The victim is a student at a school in the village and was the only child from Tiruah’s first wife, who had eloped with another person. He married his second wife when the victim was just three years old. Visibly shocked by the incident, the victim's step-mother said she had raised the girl as her own child since she was three and had recently started to learn and lend her hand with household works, but had never imagined such a shameful incident would take place.  (EOIC)

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