BJP will constitute real change in West Bengal - Rahul Sinha

 BJP will constitute real change in West Bengal - Rahul Sinha
“The Trinamool Congress has managed to clinch the 34 Lok Sabha seats in the state using force and terror,” said BJP state president Rahul Sinha in a public meeting at Alipurduar. He also said the people of the state will not forgive TMC for this and will give suitable answer.
Showing confidence on the saffron party’s rising supporter base in the state, Rahul Sinha said, “TMC captured power ending the long tyrannical rule of the Left Front regime. But people here have become disillusioned with the state government’s anti-people activities. Now it is our turn to come to the power in the state intensify development here. People are gradually making out the fact and hence they are joining our side. BJP will constitute the real change in the state.”
 Alipurduar BJP leaders said thousands of people had attended the public meeting to watch the BJP state president delivering his speech. As many as 4080 people joined the saffron party during the meeting relinquishing TMC, Congress, RSP and CPM, as claimed the BJP leaders.(EOIC)

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