Besil Kalimpong branch office vandalized

Besil Kalimpong branch office vandalized
The agitated customers of private investment firm, Besil International, today took to attacking the Kalimpong branch office and damaging it after their respective agents were unable to give them a positive response on the reimbursement of their money. A local investor, Gopal Prashad informed the company agents from Kalimpong had travelled to Siliguri on Monday to attend a meeting with company officials. However, upon their return the agents were unable to provide proper information about the returns on the customers’ investment, following which the agitated customers stoned the office.
The customers informed agents including Robin Chettri, Lakpa Bhutia and Kushum Chettri along with others manage to slip out of the office, with only a senior agent Rajen Kalikotay present at the office. Trying to calm the customers, Kalikotay informed a meeting will be held on July 29 in the town and urged them to wait until then. He further said the meeting in Siliguri on Monday was not fruitful. “When I suggested the customers to file a report at the court, they got agitated,” he added.
“We will sell the company property here to repay the customers to some extent,” Kalikotay informed. However, the investors were not convinced with the solution provided by the senior agent as Besil International does not have enough property in Kalimpong to repay the amount, which is said to be in crores. The investors further said the company properties in Siliguri, if sold, will not be enough to repay the customer based in the city. Therefore, some of the customers want the agents to repay the money themselves and keep their promises.
Meanwhile, many agents from other parts of Kalimpong sub-division had also reached the office today. One such agent Kyamelian Lepcha from Todday, a village 150km way from Kalimpong, said his clients have paid around Rs.8 lakh in total. He was in the office to know about the returns, but to his dismay the office was closed and was shocked to know the branch manager Rajesh Singh has been absconding since the past few months. According to estimates, people from kalimpong have invested money worth Rs.25 crore in Besil and are yet to get the maturity benefits.(EOIC)

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