Balasan River fears Dudhay villagers

Balasan River fears Dudhay villagers
The people of Dudhay village are apprehensive about the Balasan River swelling up and causing damage to their property and farmlands with the onset of the rainy season. The Balasan River, which flows close to the village, is formed from various small streams in the high hills and makes way to the planes through the valleys of Darjeeling, Mirik and Kurseong. During the rainy season, the river rises above its normal flowing level and causes panic among low lying villages.
Currently, the water speed along Balasan River has increased to such a level that the sand embankments protecting the Dudhay village has started to give up. With the monsoon just starting, the villagers feel the water level will rise further as it progresses and could damage their property. In 1996, the rising river had damaged a huge portion of the village’s vegetative land, which has continued to deteriorate further each passing year. Moreover, the villagers also use the land along the banks for farming and the space has only decreased in the last one decade.
The villagers had demanded the administration to construct concrete embankment to protect their farm land and other properties, but there has been no progress on the demand. However, the Kurseong Municipality, under which the area falls, has taken interest in constructing the embankment and are said to be working on a plan.
The villagers say they spend sleepless nights when there are heavy rains, fearful of when the Balasan river will change its mood and sweep away their village. They are also fearful the bridge connecting Siliguri and Mirik could give away if the river rises to extreme level. They have urged the concerned department and government to look into the problem and find a solution at the earliest.(EOIC)

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