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Municipality raided, banned Litchi sale in Kalimpong, Mirik

Municipality raided, banned Litchi sale in Kalimpong, Mirik
The sale of litchi in Kalimpong has been banned under the state government’s order following reports of child deaths in Malda, caused by a virus in the fruit. The ban in the sale of litchi has been introduced by the government as a precautionary measure to control the Litchi Syndrome from spreading further. As part of the new regulation, the Kalimpong Municipality today conducted raids at various places in the town and ordered the dealers to stop the sale of the fruit.
Litchi Syndrome is a viral disease spread due to the consumption of Litchi, which according to experts could be fatal, especially on children. According to reports from Malda Medical College and Hospital the children who have died due to the virus in Malda had an almost immediate effect. The symptom starts with high fever, leading to vomiting and diarrhea, and death within 5-6 hours of infection. The deaths have not only led to ban in sales of litchi in Malda, but the entire state.
KM health officer Dr. SD Zimba said the main reason behind banning the sale of litchi in Kalimpong is predominantly due to high number of child deaths reported from Malda. He informed the municipality conducted raids in the town, but due to the Malda incident there were not many vendors selling the fruit. The few vendors who were found selling the fruit have been warned and their stock has been seized, Dr. Zimba added.
Following Kalimpong, the sale of Litchi has also been banned in Mirik. The Mirik Municipality officials today raided various fruit shops in the town and seized the fruit. They have issued strict orders to the vendors to stop the sale in accordance to the state government’s directives.  (EOIC)

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