Mirik Tourism Center to get horse stable

Mirik Tourism Center to get horse stable
The Mirik Tourism Center is set to soon get a new horse stable to accommodate the ten odd horses which cater to tourists visiting the Mirik Lake. Currently, there is no designated stable for the horses and are kept along the footpath near Indreni Bridge by the owners. However, the temporary shed is causing problem for daily pedestrians, including both locals and tourists, due to the stench left over due to horse secretion.
A few days back Mirik BDO, Raju Thapa, had called a meeting with regards to the beautification of Mirik Lake and renovation of the tourism centre. During the meeting Mirik Municipality chairman MK Zimba had proposed the construction of the stable had informed the municipality has already drawn the plan for the proposed stable and the cost related to it.
Meanwhile, Mirik Horse Riders’ Association welcoming the initiative has urged the Mirik Municipality to start the construction work at the earliest.  The horse owners have also welcomed the idea. They said horses earn them their daily wages and if a horse stable is constructed their horses will have a better place to live in as well as will be better looked after.(EOIC)

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