GNLF-supported HPWU to attend tripartite meeting at Uttarkanya in Siliguri

GNLF-supported Himalayan Plantation Workers Union HPWU
The GNLF-supported Himalayan Plantation Workers’ Union has decided to take part in the tripartite meeting to discuss on wage hike and other TG related issued at Uttarkanya in Siliguri on June 18. HPWU central committee general secretary, Bal Krishna Sharma informed the meeting will be attended by Labour Commission officials, TG management and trade union representatives from across the hills and Terai.
Sharma said the union will table its primary demand of increasing daily wages of a TG worker from Rs.322 to Rs.338 as per All India Consumer Price Index. “Currently, TG worker from the hills earn Rs.90 while Terai workers earn Rs.95 per day. The daily wage is very low and this must be increased as per various wage acts,” he stressed. He also said the responsibility of increasing the worker’s wage is on the government and it should act accordingly, but the wages has not been increased despite having requested the government a number of times. Sharma will be accompanied by HPWU president NK Kumai in the tripartite meeting.(EOIC)

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