Government primary schools in hills still awaiting textbooks

Government primary schools in hills still awaiting textbooks
More than two months have passed by since the commencement of new sessions in government-run primary schools in the hills, but surprisingly textbooks have not yet arrived for the students. The government provides textbooks for primary schools with an aim to attract more enrollments, but the effort is rendered useless due to the delay in publication and delivery of the texts.
Noticeably, despite the implementation of the midday meal scheme and provision of uniforms, enrollment numbers in government primary schools are declining sharply. The lack of appeal projected by government primary schools is exemplified by the growth of private primary schools in the region. People are of the view that the educational quality in government schools is in a shambles and as such even households with weaker financial standings have begun opting for private schools for their wards.
The general opinion is rightly reflected by the plight of government primary schools. While textbooks are still unavailable, many such schools have just begun their new academic session. This seemingly lacklustre attitude of the government is making guardians perceive a lack of commitment. If the government provides textbooks in time and other necessary training courses to teachers, recruit enough and capable faculty to guarantee better quality education, most parents from tea gardens, villages and even towns will not hesitate to send their wards to government run primary schools.
But the situation is pitiable in government schools, with most boasting of only a handful of students and insufficient teachers, and things appear ominous, so much so that such schools may need to close down going forward. This seems a scary reality if the concerned authority does not change its attitude.  Although the government is reportedly spending considerable funds for the overall enhancement of primary education, the big question is who is responsible for this dismal situation in government primary schools. Some guardians believe the faculty is equally to be blamed for the plight. Many teachers are least bothered about properly education the students, they say, while some do not even attend work regularly.
While students in English medium private primary schools have completed a sizeable portion of their syllabus, their hapless counterparts in government schools are still waiting for their books. There are a total of 49 government primary schools under Mirik block, which, according to reports from last year, just 1,695 enrolled students, 843 boys and 850 girls.
The general public wants to know what the district school board and circle in-charges are doing in this respect. They are unsure who will step forward with responsibility to save and promote primary education in the hills being delivered under the aegis of the government.(EOIC)

Bhaichung Bhutia met Teesta rape victim at kalimpong Hospital

TMC Candidate From Darjeeling Lok Sabha constituency Bhaichung Bhutia
Mukesh Sharma: TMC Candidate From Darjeeling Lok Sabha constituency Bhaichung Bhutia today meet the Teesta rape Victim and family of victim at kalimpong hospital  who was raped by Sunil Rai on 18th of this month at Teesta.The incident has created outrage in this Town soon after the incident has now started taking political route as just a day before Mass Dharna which has been called by GJM against the Two rape case in Manipur and Teesta in whole of Hills Sub division.
Today Bhutia met the victim and presented her a Doll as a gift. He took information about the Health of the Victim and interacted with the parents of the victim. Bhutia said he was busy in canvasing for TMC candidate in other districts.He condemn the incident both personally and from party side and said that every political parties, people, organization should rise and condemn the incident. He said that this is not a matter to capitalize but every one should come forward and condemn the incident. He demanded that a Strict punishment should be given to culprit. He said that after the Delhi Gang rape , rape law in the country became strict but he demanded that when such a heinous incident happen to minor the law should be more strict. He said that most of the rape which occurs is by own family member or relative or friend or some known person so the rape law should be made more strict.' I believe in Law which has to take its course to deliver justice and make sure that this kind of incident should not happen' added Bhutia. Law must deliver an example in such cases so that no one think or even dares to think to commit such incident again said Bhutia .Bhutia emphasis that the victim should first be given ample treatment and after that more protection and counseling should be given to family.He expressed happiness about the free and Fair which held recently in Darjeeling . He said that the credit of  democratic environment which result in healthy election goes to TMC party.  

After teesta rape incident,9 yrs aged student molested by truck driver

After teesta rape incident,9 yrs aged student molested by truck driver
Mukesh Sharma: Today an incident of molestation has come in focus at Teesta this evening just after 6 days of Teesta Rape incident at the same place. According to information received, some student of a local school of Teesta after their holiday as usual gathered in Teesta Bridge to wait for vehicle to go to their respective homes. Such a group of 4 student got lift in a Truck. These student were from Gelkhola 5 kms away from Teesta in N.H 31 A .The incident is said to be happen in this period . The driver of the truck is said to have physically molested one of the child who is a student of class 4 and of 9 yrs age.Soon the vehicle dropped all the children at Gelkhola after which the girl child narrated the incident to her parents. Then the process of chasing the vehicle started and finally after informing police of NH thana the vehicle was caught by Sevoke police along with the driver Ramesh Chettri of Fagu Gorbuthan. The victim has identified the Driver meanwhile the parents of the child has filed a complaint against the driver at Teesta Out post late evening.The Locals of Teesta gheraw the Thana and block the National Highway 31 A for about half and hour, later CRPF were deployed to maintain Law and order.

Polling in six parliamentary constituencies in West Bengal tomorrow

Polling in six parliamentary constituencies in West Bengal tomorrow
Kolkata, Apr 23 : Polling will be held to six parliamentary constituencies in West Bengal in the General Elections to Lok Sabha 2014 on Thursday.

This is a second poll day in West Bengal (sixth poll day in the country) when a total electorate of more than eighty-three lakhs twenty thousand in the six constituencies namely 5- Raiganj, 6 - Balurghat, 7- Maldaha Uttar, 8 - Maladaha Dakshin, 9 - Jangipur and 11 - Murshidabad are to exercise their franchise.

As many as 9755 polling stations have been set up and 1294 EVMs would be used for Thursday's polling.

Voting will take place between 7 am to 6 pm.

There are altogether 78 candidates in the fray.

The maximum number of candidates (17) is contesting from Maldaha Dakshin while the minimum number of candidates (11) is in Jangipur.

There are 12 candidates each in Rajganj, Balurghat and Murshidabad and 14 in Maldaha Uttar.

There are 2 women candidates in the fray from Maldaha Uttar and one each from Rajganj and Balurghat.

Of the recognized national and state parties, BJP, BS , INC and AITC are contesting in all the 6 constituencies while CPI(M) has fielded candidates in 5 constituencies and RSP in 1.

There are 40 candidates of the registered political parties (other than the recognized national and state parties) are in the fray.

As many as 8 Independent candidates are also contesting from the 6 constituencies.

It may be mentioned that 4 parliamentary constituencies in West Bengal namely Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduars and Darjeeling went to the polls on the first poll day of in the state (fifth poll day in the country) on last Thursday (Apr 17).


15 newborn babies die in North Bengal Medical College and Hospital at Siliguri

15 newborn babies die in North Bengal Medical College and Hospital at Siliguri
Darjeeling:  Fifteen newborn babies have died in the state-run North Bengal Medical College and Hospital at Siliguri in the district since Monday, hospital superintendent Dr Amerendra Nath Sarker said on Tuesday.

Low weight during birth, infection and some other reasons were there behind the unfortunate incident, Sarker said. "Around 100-150 babies were admitted daily in critical condition," he said.

North Bengal Development Minister Goutam Deb said if anyone was found guilty for the death of the babies, action would be taken against them.(PTI)

Darjeeling Solution through discussion: Narendra Modi

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi
BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Tuesday said the "solution" to the Darjeeling issue would be found through discussion.
Asked about the formation of Gorkhaland by carving out Darjeeling Hills from West Bengal, Modi told ABP News in an interview: "We cannot look away from the regional aspirations of the people. It is not right to suppress their regional aspirations."
"I am sympathetic to the needs of the people and I understand it. I think discussion is the only way to find a solution," he added.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has opposed the division of the state, but the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has been demanding a separate Gorkhaland state. (IANS)

Sure Mamata Banerjee Will Not Join NDA: Modi

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today said he was sure the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee would not join the NDA but said "more than anger against her", he was disappointed that she had "failed" to bring West Bengal out of the "mess" created by the 34-year-long Left Front rule.

"We are sure that Mamataji won't join us (NDA), we have no confusion about it nor have we any apprehension about it," Modi said at an interview with news channel ABP Ananda.

He said this when asked whether his attack on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was a fallout of the BJP's failure to bring her party, the Trinamool Congress, to the NDA-fold.

The Gujarat chief minister, however, said he hoped that Banerjee would be able to bring West Bengal out of the "mess created by the Left" as she had got sufficient time.

"Mamataji has got sufficient time to bring Bengal out of the mess created by the Left. But there are no such symptoms. So more than anger, I am disappointed with Mamataji," he said.

At a rally earlier this month in Siliguri, Modi had launched a scathing attack on Banerjee for allegedly indulging in vote-bank politics, drawing a sharp retort from the Trinamool Congress, which alleged he had "blood on his hands".

Asked about the BJP's stand on the issue of a separate Gorkhaland state in the Darjeeling hills, Modi said "in this big country, if you try to dominate the regional aspirations by hitting on the wounds, then those wounds will increase. Sympathetically, you have to understand each and everyone's emotions, try to make them understand what way out can be reached through dialogues".

On whether there should be a CBI inquiry into the Saradha chit fund scam, Modi said "Look, in this chit fund scam, a lot of poor people have lost their money. There were a few people who even went to the verge of committing suicide."

"In such a situation, a step needs to be taken on which people have trust. Now what will be that form, that's a different issue. But steps need to be taken on which people can have confidence". (

Support to BJP should not affect GTA state govt relations - Bimal Gurung

Bimal Gurung in Kalimpong
GTA chief executive Bimal Gurung today said he believes the rift created between the GJM and TMC during the general elections will have no adverse effect on the GTA-state government relationship. Speaking to journalists here, Gurung downplayed the possibility about the GJM’s decision to support the BJP disrupting ties with the TMC government, saying the latter should not take the matter “seriously”. 
“This election was meant to elect 543 MPs from across the country to form the central government. Had it been the GTA or state Assembly elections, it would have been necessary to speak with the state government,” he said.
In his bid to restore the GJM-TMC bonhomie, Gurung said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee should not be irked by the Morcha’s decision to back the BJP. He added if his party’s decision has really affected GTA-state government relation, it would be better for Banerjee to “quit politics”.
A confident Gurung also said only 20-25 per cent of votes from the Darjeeling constituency has gone to other parties, while the remaining has dropped into the BJP’s bag. He further said the votes that have gone to rival parties are of those who are against statehood. The GJM chief also derided GNLF chief Subash Ghisingh for “utterly failing to comprehend the political situation in the hills”. While surprising the public with his decision to support the TMC, Ghisingh himself did not exercise his franchise. Even if the TMC, GNLF and DDUDF emerge as worthy opponents, the GJM will not give any weight to them, said Gurung dismissively. He said the GJM had swept the three hill sub-divisions in the last assembly elections and his party is least bothered by the so-called comeback of the GNLF.
The GJM chief also said the party will ensure panchayat elections are held in the Darjeeling hills after the election results are announced. Despite legal snags on whether the election is to be two-tiered or three-tiered, the GJM is in favour of holding panchayat elections as they have not been held for quite a while in the hills, he said. The party leadership is slated to discuss the issue during a meeting this Sunday.
Responding to a query, Gurung said the GTA has become an object that the GJM can neither happily settle with nor deny outright. Admitting the setup is not functioning in its full capacity, he asserted only a separate state of Gorkhaland can solve the myriad issues plaguing the Gorkhas.(EOIC)