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Media persons rally demands missing journalist Chayan Sarkar be traced immediately

West bengals alipurduar journalist Chayan Sarkar missing
Demanding the authorities to speed up the search operation to find a missing journalist from Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri Press Club members on Monday took out a rally and submitted a deputation to Chief Minister through the district authorities.
Journalists, their mouths covered with black bands, carried placards demanding that the state government to expedite the search operation to locate journalist Chayan Sarkar, missing since Sunday night. Media persons from Alipurduar were joined by those from Coochbehar, Siliguri, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Uttar Denajpur in the rally. Family members of the young journalist blocked the arterial road in Alipurduar area demanding that he be traced immediately.
Chayan’s colleagues have confirmed that he had left for Shamuktala on his bike. They even confirmed that he was returning to Alipurduar, as per the conversation he had with one of his colleagues. However, locals found Chayan’s bike abandoned at Salsalabari. His mobile was out of reach and could not be traced since Sunday night. The police have retrieved the bike and Chayan’s purse found nearby. They were on a lookout for the missing journalist till Monday evening.
The reporter of a Bengali daily was missing from his home in Alipurduar district after eight persons, earlier named by him in an FIR for issuing threats for writing a story on college admission bribery, had been arrested. A top police officer on Monday said a manhunt had been launched to trace Chayan Sarkar.
Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri Press Club members alleged that Sarkar was kidnapped by a group involved in an admission racket in a college in Alipurduar district and that he earned their wrath after filing an investigative report in the largely circulated daily in north Bengal which "exposed" how huge cash was being demanded from the candidates and guardians for admissions.
As he had lodged an FIR after publication of the news on July 28 about getting life threats and named eight persons, all the accused were on Sunday arrested from Alipurduar, the officer said. (HS and PTI)

What the Indian Idol 3 alumni were doing in Darjeeling? Watch video

MUMBAI: When the alumni of Indian Idol get together, you expect things to happen. And they did when the top 10 contestants of the third season of the reality singing competition decided to have a reunion last month. Their planned holiday turned out to be a mix of both, good and bad.

For starters only six of the top 10 managed to make it to the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling: ‘Indian Idol-3’ winner Prashant Tamang, Amit Paul, Parleen Gill, Abhishek Kumar, Emon Chatterjee and Meiyang Chang. But when they got there, they got a gala reception from the lasses of Darjeeling. The lovely young things swooned over Chang's cute dimples even as they warmed up to Tamang's charming ways.

“We got enough of the screaming and shouting from all the girls staying in the neighbourhood,” confirmed the ‘Badmaash Company’ star Chang.

    Last night in #Darjeeling . Time does fly by when you're having fun with those who matter

    — Mister Chang (@MeiyangChang) July 21, 2015

Although the boys planned to visit several places around Darjeeling, they curtailed their plans due to a landslide that occurred in the area a few days earlier. "We had to go with the flow. Gangtok was supposed to be our next destination but we couldn’t move further because of the landslide," said the Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 5 winner Chang. Hence, the boys decided to help victims of the landslide in Darjeeling by organising a fund raiser concert.

“We got to know about the Darjeeling landslide just a few days before our holiday and that’s when the fund-raising plan was made. It was Prashant’s and Amit’s idea to do something for the victims. So, they met a few biggies in the region who helped us organise a fund raiser event. The Richie Rich’s of Darjeeling were present at the event and they did sign some big fat cheques for the victims,” said Gill.

Post the social cause they moved into Prashant's place, which was meant to be their pad for the holiday. The six of them had rollicking time thereafter.

“We went to Law Garden, sat in a toy train and kept having tea almost everywhere we went. The weather was really chilly,” narrated Gill.

The brighter side of their travel setback was that they had ample boy's time together. That meant oodles of nostalgia and exchanging notes on their lives. Also acting a little goofy with each other. "One of the nights we started with ghost stories and it scared Parleen, this lead to Amit and Abhishek playing a prank on him. The prank created a lot of drama but I would like to keep it short by saying we all had fun,” said the playful Chang.

Given the fact that the Idol contestants are amazing singers, they had jam sessions every night. “We would sit with a guitar and jam till four and five in the morning. It used to be crazy fun,” stated Gill.

The sextet loved their together time so much that they have now decided to meet once every month.

Chang, Parleen and Abhishek also posted some fun videos and pictures on their social networking page. Have a look.....Don’t miss viewing the ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge’ video by the Idols’ it’s our favourite.

What the Indian Idol 3 alumni were doing in Darjeeling? Watch Video below:
Indian Idol 3 alumni in Darjeeling

सिन्कोना बगानमा नयाँ नियुक्ति पदोन्नती नहुने सरकारी आदेश संदर्भमा प्रतिक्रिया

Mungpoo Quinine cinchona factory
सिन्कोना उध्योगमा नयाँ नियुक्त अनि पदोन्नति फेरि नहुने आदेश राज्य सरकार खाध्य प्रकरण तथा हर्टिकल्चर विभागीय सचिवालयबाट सरकारी आदेश संख्या १०.३० एपीआई (जी.ओ.१०.३० एपी आई) जारी गरेर १६ जुलाई २०१५ को  दिन मङपु सिन्कोना व्यवस्थापक कार्यालयमा आईपुगेको मङपु सिन्कोना बगान व्यवस्थापक एन.के बराइलीद्वरा थाहा लागेको छ | स्मरण रहोस सिन्कोना बगानमा पूर्व निर्देशकले नियमलाई उलंघन गर्दे बगानमा श्रमिक कर्मचारीवर्गलाई नियुक्ति गरेको  र पद्दोनती गरेको कारण सिटोङ सिन्कोना बगान मजदुर निमा तामांङ अनि भरत दर्जीले कोलकोत्ता उच्चन्यालयमा २००९ सालमा मुद्दा दर्ता गरिएपछि सिन्कोना बगानमा बदली काम अनि पदोन्नतिको प्रक्रिया बन्द भएको थियो | १९८० सालदेखि  काममा लागेको मजदुर निमा तामांङ अनि भरत दर्जीलाई  नियम अनुसार पदोन्नति नदिएर २००२ मा काममा हिड्ने श्रमिकलाई पदोन्नति दिएपछि नै ती दुई श्रमिकले कोलकोत्ता उच्चन्यालयमा मुद्दा दर्ता गरेको थियो जसको पूर्ण सुनाई आज सम्म हुन नसेको कारण नै सिन्कोना उध्योगमा बदली काम अनि पद्दोनत्ति प्रकिया अल्झिएको बिशेष सुत्रद्वरा थाहा लागेको छ | अर्कोतिर सिन्कोना निर्देशालयले अदालतको आदेशलाई अमान्य गरि पद्दोनती प्रथालाई फेरि जारी राखेको कारण नै अदालतको आदेशलाई अमान्य गरेको भनि फेरि थप मुद्दा दर्ता गरिएपछि सिन्कोना ब्यवस्थापनलाई प.बंगाल सरकार खाध्य प्रकरण अनि हर्टिकल्चर सचिवालयले नियुक्ति अनि पद्दोनति क्रमलाई पूर्णरुपमा बन्द गर्ने आदेश जारी गरेको छ | सिन्कोना उध्योगमा नयाँ नियुक्त र पदोन्नति नै भएन भने सिन्कोना बगान कसरी चल्ने ब्यवस्थापनको अघि ठुलोप्रश्न खडा भएको छ | सिन्कोना बगान जीटीएमा पूर्णरुपले हस्तान्तरण  भएता पनि आज राज्य सरकार खाध्य प्रकरण अनि हर्टिकल्चर सचिवालयले सिन्कोना ब्यवस्थापनमा किन यस प्रकारको आदेश जारी गर्दैछ भनि सम्पूर्ण सिन्कोनाबासीको मनमा प्रश्न खटकिएको छ | 

सभासद सामुयल गुरुङसित सम्पर्क गर्दा: उक्त बिषयमा जीटीए सिन्कोना विभाग सभासद संग जान्न चाहदा उनले यस प्रकारको आदेश पत्र जीटीएमा नआएको बताउदैं यो सिन्कोना विभाग जीटीएमा हस्तान्तरण भईसकेको कारण यो आदेशपत्रले सिन्कोना बगान श्रमिक कर्मचारीवर्गको पद्दोनती कार्य नरोकिने जनाए अनि सभासदले यस विषयमा हामी राज्य सरकार सित बातचित गर्ने बताए | अदालतको फैसला  आउन साथ यो आदेशपत्र पनि खारेज हुने र सिन्कोना बगानको बदली काम अनि पदोनाति पुन: शरु हुने जनाउदै यसमा कुनै प्रकारको हतास हुने कार्य नरहेको सभासद गुरुङले जनाए | 

दातडुप्लालेयु सचिव गगन राईसित सम्पर्क गर्दा:  यस बिषयमा दार्जीलिङ तराई डुवर्स प्लान्टेसन लेबर युनियन सचिव गगन राई संग सम्पर्क राख्दा उनले यो कुरा एउटा भ्रम मात्र हो भनि जनाउदै सिन्कोना श्रमिक औकाश ग्रहण गरेपछि बदलीकाम पाउने प्रथा यथावत चली रहने उनले जनाए र हाईकोर्टले सिन्कोना बगानमा रीक्रुटमेन्ट रुल बनाउने इत्छा जाहेर गरेको थियो र हामी हाईकोर्टको आदेशलाई  सम्मान गर्दै हामीले समर्थन गरेका छौ | रीक्रुटमेन्ट रुल  तयारी भएपछि जुन प्रकारको व्यस्था तयार हुन्छ त्यसलाई पनि हामी सम्मान गर्न तयारी छौ भन्दै सचिव राईले बदलीकाम सम्म रोकियो भन्ने जुन अफवा छ त्यो एउटा भ्रम  मात्र हो भनि स्पष्ट रुपमा बताए | 

युनाईटेड फोरम सचिव प्रविण गुरुङसित सम्पर्क गर्दा: यस बिषयमा युनाईटेड फोरम सचिव प्रविण गुरुङले संग सम्पर्क गर्दा उनले  बंगाल सरकार र जीटीए दुई व्यवस्थाको यो लडाई हो अनि यो एउटा राजनैतिक षड्यन्त्र मात्र हो र यहा साढेको जुझाई बाछाको मिचाई मात्र भएको छ भनि जनाए | वर्तमान परिस्थितिमा बगाल सरकारले जीटीए प्रत्येक व्यवस्थामा हस्तक्षेप  गर्दैछ अनि यसलाई पनि बंगाल सरकारले हस्तक्षेप गर्ने खोजेको मात्र हो भनि गुरुङले आरोप लगाए | पद्दोनती र बदलीकाम पाउनु सिन्कोना श्रमिकको अधिकार हो  र सरकार पक्षबाट यस्तो कुरामा आदेश आउनु  दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण रहेको जनाए | सिन्कोना बगान ब्यवास्य्थापनले नियम उलघन गरेर बिभिन्न प्रकारको  काम गरेको कारण नै  आज यस्तो परिस्थिति आईपरेको सचिव गुरुङले जनाए |

CBI counters Bimal Gurung plea said no HC only CBI courts could hear cases

Bimal Gurung
The CBI today filed an affidavit claiming the high court had no jurisdiction over the petitions by Bimal Gurung and 22 others of the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha seeking anticipatory bail in the Madan Tamang murder case.
Justice Asim Kumar Roy, a senior judge of the division bench, asked Gurung's counsel to file an affidavit-in-opposition within 10 days and fixed the matter for hearing on August 28.
The stay on the arrest of Gurung and the others would continue till the hearing is over.

Gurung and 22 others had been accused in the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League president Madan Tamang's murder case and on May 29, a city-based CBI court had asked them to surrender before it.
To avoid the summons, Gurung and 22 others had moved anticipatory bail pleas before the division bench of Calcutta High Court.
Today, the CBI affidavit was produced before the division bench of Justice Asim Kumar Roy and Justice Moloy Marud Banerjee.
The CBI special counsel Manindra Singh claimed that since the investigating agency had filed a fresh chargesheet naming Gurung and the others in response to a Supreme Court order, only CBI courts could hear the cases.
"The Supreme Court had directed my client to conduct a fresh inquiry into the Tamang murder case and file a comprehensive report before it. So, the apex court is monitoring the case. My client had already produced the comprehensive report at the Supreme Court and in the same time, submitted the chargesheet to the CBI court," Singh told the high court division bench today.
"Since the CBI court had issued the summons asking the accused persons to surrender before it, the accused would have to obey the order. The high court cannot entertain their anticipatory bail pleas at this stage," he added.
Senior advocate Sekhar Bose, the counsel appearing for the 23 accused, opposed Singh's plea saying they had every right to move anticipatory bail pleas before the high court.
Justice Roy then asked Bose to file an affidavit-in-opposition within 10 days. The next date of hearing is August 28.

The Telegraph

All assam gorkha students union Candle march to pay tributes to dr. Apj abdul kalam

All assam gorkha students union Candle march to pay tributes to dr. Apj abdul kalam
Candle march to pay tributes to dr. Apj abdul kalam (missile man to people's president) organised by All assam gorkha students union (AAGSU) Bokajan regional committee supported by Silonijan Chamber of commerce and The Rainbow n.g.o. silonijan at Silonijan chariali date: 29th july 2015. sri Narayan chetry, Organisation Sec. AAGSU, B.R.C. said the objective of the programme and sri Lakhi Limbu ,President AAGSU,B.R.C. speak few words about dr. APJ Abdul Kalam . Sri Chiraj Engti, o.c. barpathar , p.s. and sri Atindra Daulagajao. C.o, v.d.o. barpathar ps light the earthen lamp and sri promod goshwami and sri pappu rai local social worker gave flowerel tribute to dr. Apj abdul kalam. Along with this many other dignitaries, teachers local social worker and students including more then 300 members were present in the programme.

Source: Facebook

Darjeeling municipality stops Illegal Reliance Mobile Tower Installation

Darjeeling municipality stopped illegal installation of reliance mobile tower
Darjeeling municipality authorities stopped the installation of a reliance mobile tower, which was being installed without any permission from the Municipality.

According to sources, following the recent Landslides in Darjeeling region, the Darjeeling Municipality is taking the legality of all constructions very seriously. According to a municipal authority, they raided a house in Ward - 19, Judge Bazar and confiscated materials. The municipality has earlier rejected the installation of 5 more mobile towers in the area.

Speaking to the press Municipal Councillor Mr. Shailendra Chhetri said that we have put a BAN on the installation of mobile towers, and we will prevent anyone who tries to install one without prior permission.

He said, "Mobile towers emit harmful radiations, and can pose as threat to human health... and unless we have done proper investigation we cannot permit installation of such towers in residential areas"

He added, "Not just the municipality, but even the common public has a moral responsibility to stop the installation of such towers if proper procedures have not been followed."

He said that, "any company that wants to instal such towers will from now have to get prior permission from the Municipality, as well as the local residents where the proposed tower is supposed to be set up."

[File pic shows a mobile tower installed on the roof house, damaged after a hurricane]

Via The Darjeeling Chronicle

1311 people joins Gorkha Janmukti Morcha in Dooars

1311 people joins Gorkha Janmukti Morcha in Dooars
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha got a huge GJM boost in Dooars, as 1311 people joined Morcha in the presence of GJM Chief Bimal Gurung.

Attending a special function organized at Tukvar where people from Dooars had some in droves to join Morcha, GJM chief Bimal Gurung shared a dose of pragmatism to those who were in attendance. He said, “there is a silent ploy to divide us into fragments… ploy to ensure that we end up fighting amongst ourselves… we need to avoid all that… it is high time that we all stand united as one family, till we achieve Gorkhaland statehood…”

He further stated, “even before Independence, our region was a hot-bed of politics… but no political party or leader did us any justice… our rights have been trampled upon and we have continued to be discriminated against… no one will come for our rescue, we have to save ourselves… and that won’t happen till we all stand as one and fight for our rights.”

Telling people to be patient he said, “it takes time for good things to happen… I may not be able to fulfill all your demands right away, but that should not be a reason for you all to leave us and join another party… together we have to fulfill our needs and demands, and that is only possible with the formation of Gorkhaland … Now we have to give up our differences and work towards building strong foundations for our next generation.”

Amongst those joining yesterday were members from Rava community as well, who are indigenous to our region, and are considered to be one of the most marginalized communities in Bengal.

Via  The Darjeeling Chronicle

Jharkhand youth arrested for cheating Darjeeling housewife of Rs2.35 lakh

Jharkhand youth arrested for cheating Darjeeling housewife of Rs2.35 lakh
A youth from Jharkhand was produced in court today on charges of cheating a housewife from Darjeeling and sent to seven days in police remand. Police on Tuesday evening arrested Prakash Kumar Singh (21), a student from Jharkhand, on the charge of duping Yanzi Sherpa of Ganesh Gram in Darjeeling of Rs2.35 lakh.
According to assistant public prosecutor Pankaj Prasad, in January of this year, Singh introducing himself as a representative of the popular reality show, ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, had called Sherpa to inform her that she had been chosen as the “lucky winner” of Rs25 lakh, but she had to first deposit Rs2.35 lakh.
The APP said the Jharkhand youth then gave Sherpa an ISD phone number, which apparently belonged to a bank manager, and asked her to call him for further details. “Since it was an ISD number she (Sherpa) only gave a missed call. She, however, got a call back from the same number and was confirmed that she had won Rs25 lakh. The victim was given three separate bank account numbers and was asked to deposit the money in them,” Prasad said.
The three banks that Sherpa was asked to deposit the money were IDBI, ICICI and Punjab National Bank. “The unsuspecting victim deposited the Rs2.35 lakh as asked by the accused in the banks within two days. But when she received no further communication, Sherpa realised she had been duped and lodged a complaint with the Sadar police station,” the APP said. The police started a case under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code and 66 of the IT Act.
Investigation revealed that the three accounts given to Sherpa were located in Jharkhand and so the police immediately got them frozen.
The police action had its desired effect as the youth from Jharkhand started calling Sherpa asking her to take back the complaint. “The accused started calling the victim asking her to take back the complaint and also assured her that the money would be returned,” Prasad said.
There were no calls from Singh for a while until a few days ago and Sherpa immediately informed the police. “Sherpa asked the accused to come to Darjeeling as part of the plan to nab him. On
Tuesday, Singh arrived in Darjeeling and he was arrested in the evening,” the APP said. Singh was produced in the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) court in Darjeeling, today and sent to seven days police remand. “CJM Gurudas Biswas directed the accused to be sent to police custody for further investigation,” Prasad said. The police refused to comment saying the possibility of a larger nexus could not be ruled out and that it could affect the investigation. (EOIC)