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Darjeeling gets 8 gold medals in Taekwondo Championship held in Mumbai

Darjeeling gets 8 gold medals in Taekwondo Championship held in Mumbai
The Darjeeling Hills has helped Bengal achieve a rare record feat of winning eleven gold medals and also making it the team champions, in the recently concluded 35th Senior and Junior Taekwondo Championship held in Mumbai from January 22 to 24.

Darjeeling represented Bengal in the event and in the process managed to get eight of the gold medals and four silver and six bronze out of the total of 9 and 10, respectively. “It is a huge achievement for us.

This is the first time that Bengal has managed to get such haul of gold medals in an event. And I am proud that Darjeeling has played a major role,” said Bikash Chhetri, president of the Darjeeling Amateur Taekwondo Association (DATA), today in press conference in Darjeeling.

The competition which had participants from 24 states was organized by the Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI) at Sachewalaya Gymkhana Colabain Mumbai, last month. From Bengal 41 members participated out of which 20 were from the Hills.

In the selection process held in December 2015, from the Hills 18 were selected for the state championship, winning gold. They were then selected for the national championship. “Our effort has paid off with the Hills winning so many gold medals. It is also a big feat that Bengal emerged the team champions in the event,” Chhetri said. Ratan Century, one of the two coaches who helped the students achieve the feat reasoned that availability of proper equipments had played a major role. “One of the main reasons that we feel that the performance of the participants from the hills was good apart from their hard work was that they got to practice with proper equipments which was not the case just a couple of years back. We thank the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) for providing us the equipment worth Rs.2 lakhwhich includes mats, arm, chin and chest guards and head gears amongother things,” he said.

The coach however rued the fact that the individual equipments could not provided as they were few in numbers. Also lack of practice halls hindered the participants. “We had theequipments but they were small in numbers compared to the participants. We also did not have a practice hall. We had to use the premises of Turnbull school and Gymkhana club,” Century said.

The DATA comprises members from the Northern Taekwondo Academy, Taekwondo Sporting Academy and Himalayan Taekwondo Sports Training Centre which has links with the school along with Gymkhana.

Fifteen year old IcchaMalla, who won a gold medal in the national championship this year said, “It has been five years that I have started learning Taekwondo and have also won a few gold medals in the state championships. But this is the first time that I have won gold in a national championship and it feels good. This time I have learnt that there are many good players and that more practice and hard work is needed if I want to continue winning.”(EOI)

अल इण्डिया लिम्बु ट्राइबल एसोसिएशन मङपू युनिटको सभा

All India Limbu Tribal Association
अल इण्डिया लिम्बु ट्राइबल एसोसिएशन मङपू युनिट ( All India Limbu Tribal Association, Mungpoo Unit) को सभा बिनोद लिम्बुको अध्यक्षतामा सम्पन्न भएको छ | सभामा सर्वप्रथम बितेका पूर्वजहरुको आत्मा शान्तिको निम्ति एक मिनटको मौन धारण पनि गरिएको थियो | सभामा लिम्बु बिकाश बोर्ड गठन गरिदिएकोमा मुख्यमन्त्री ममता ब्यनार्जी प्रति एसोसीएशनको पक्षबाट कृतज्ञता प्रकट गरियो साथै बिकाश बोर्डको सेयरमेन कप्तान एनडी लिम्बु साथै भाइस चेयरमेन जीथा सुब्बालाई पनि मङपू शाखाको पक्षमा हार्दिक बधाई एवम शुभकामना प्रकट गरेका छन् | यही सभामा नयाँ सदस्य हुन चाहनेहरुले एकैचोटि पाँचवर्षको सदस्यता शुल्क तिर्नपर्ने सर्वसम्मतिले पारित गरेको छ | सम्बोधनको क्रममा राजा लिम्बुले सम्पूर्ण लिम्बु जाति एक हुनु पर्ने कुरोमा जोड दिए | यसरी नै डीपी लिम्बुले बिकाश बोर्डबाट आएको रकममा कुनै धाँधली नहोस भन्ने बिचार पोखे | सभापति बिनोद लिम्बुले अबोप्रान्त सभामा आउँदा भेष - भुषामा आउन पर्ने बिचार पोखे भने भाषा विषयमा कोषाध्यक्ष प्रेम कुमार लिम्बुले एक जना भाषा जान्ने शिक्षक ल्याएर हप्तामा दुई चोटि भाषा विषय पडाउन पर्ने जानकारी सभामा बताए | अब उसो सदस्यता शुल्क रुपियाँ १०० प्रत्येक सदश्यले तिर्न पर्ने जानकारी मणिराज लिम्बुले बताए | यसै सभामा प्रचार प्रसारको दायित्व मनोज कुमार सुब्बालाई सुम्पेको छ | अन्तमा लिम्बु बिकाश बोर्ड गठनको निम्ति धेरै सहयोग गरिदिने केन्द्रीय सदस्य योगेश लिम्बुलाई युनिटले धेरै धन्यबाद जनाएका छन् ||

GJM‬, ‪‎BJP‬, JMM, KPP and DMI to Contest 2016 Elections Together in North-Bengal

Bimal Gurung with John Barla
Bimal Gurung today said the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha would forge an alliance with a few regional forces in north Bengal to contest the coming Assembly polls.
The Morcha president, who was in Sibchu today to observe "Balidaan Diwas," organised to remember three party supporters who had lost their lives in a police firing on February 8, 2011, also said such an alliance would help defeat Trinamul.
"We will tie up with regional forces, including some political parties, ahead of the coming Assembly polls. We are already an ally of the BJP and will field candidates in Assembly constituencies in the Dooars and Terai, apart from the Darjeeling hills, to defeat Trinamul. Soon, our party will hold a meeting in Siliguri where we will formally announce the names of our allies," Gurung told journalists this afternoon.
Morcha sources said the prospective allies include the Kamtapur Progressive Party's Atul Roy faction, the John Barla faction of the Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad and the Dooars Millat-e-Islamia (DMI).
The Atul Roy group of the KPP, which wields clout in the Terai and some pockets of the Dooars, and Barla were with the BJP-Morcha combine in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.
Barla enjoys support in tea gardens in the Dooars and Terai. The DMI is the most influential organisation of Muslims in the Dooars and is not averse to the tie-up with the BJP.
Barla and Moktar Khan, a leader of the DMI, were present at today's programme and said in unison that they were with the Morcha and would strive against alleged step-motherly attitude towards the Dooars by the state government.
"A number of Morcha leaders in the Dooars are sitting idle. As the polls are round the corner, they should wake up and initiate consistent political activities in the region," Khan said at the event.
Gurung had said earlier that unlike the 2011 Assembly polls when the Morcha had fielded candidates in only three hill constituencies and supported Wilson Champramari, the Independent in Kalchini, the party would field candidates in around 15 seats across north Bengal this time.
At today's programme, Gurung criticised the state government and chief minister Mamata Banerjee.
"Mamata Banerjee is doing 'use-and-throw' politics. She is using people for her own political interests and throwing them away once her interests are fulfilled. She is trying to play politics and divide different communities in the hills. However, she will never succeed in her intentions," Gurung said. "I have also decided to come down from the hills ahead of the Assembly polls and campaign to defeat Trinamul."
He also demanded a probe into the sources of funds for development boards formed by the state for different hill communities.
"The state government is using the money meant for the GTA to pay the development boards. We demand a complete investigation to find out from where the state is getting funds to pay the boards which the chief minister has created to divide the people in the hills," the Morcha president said.
"The state has endorsed the term Gorkhaland (by inserting it in the GTA agreement) but now it is interfering in the functioning of the GTA and speaking against our demand for a separate state. We have taken up the matter with the Centre. The state is, however, acting in a detrimental manner and even delaying tripartite meetings on the GTA," Gurung added.
He also trained guns at former Morcha leader and Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri. "He should prove himself by winning the coming polls. He does not have even the minimum support base in the hills," Gurung said.
Chhetri, who resigned from the Morcha last year, has recently formed the Jan Andolan Party.
Senior Morcha leaders, including Roshan Giri, Kurseong MLA Rohit Sharma, Ramesh Alley and Binay Tamang, were present at the meeting.
[Via: Telegraph]

मङपुमा आईटीआई कलेजको शिलान्यास चाड़ै हुने

Industrial Training Institute
राज्यका  मुख्यमन्त्री ममता ब्यनार्जीले मङपु भ्रमणकालमा आएको समय पहाडप्रति असीम माया दर्शाउदै मङपुमा आईटीआई (Industrial Training Institute) कलेज निर्माण गरिदिने बचन दिएका थिए भने सोहि आधारमा अब मङपुमा चाड़ै नै आईटीआई कलेज निर्माण हुने जानकारी हिल तृणमुल युथ कंग्रेस मङपु लाब्दा समष्टि सचिव अल्फा थापाले दिएका छन | युवा टीएमसी सचिव थापाले जानकारी दिए अनुसार उक्त आईटीआई कलेजको शिलान्यास चाडै नै उत्तरबंगाल बिकाश मन्त्री गौतम देवले गर्ने भएको छ | यसरी नै आईटीआई कलेज निर्माणको निम्ति जमीन प्रदान गरेर सहयोग पुराउने मङपु सिन्कोना प्लान्टेशन अनि अन्य औषधीय पौद्दाहरुका निर्देशक,सरकारी  सिन्कोना बगाका अधिकारीगणप्रति हिल टीएमसी युवा कंग्रेसले आभार व्यक्त गरेका छन | मङपुमा आईटीआई कलेज निर्माण हुने पक्का खबरले मङपुका समग्र जनता बीच हर्षको लहर छाएको छ भन्दै तृणमुल युथ कंग्रेस मङपु लाब्दा समष्टि सभापति शरद थापाले समष्टिका जनता साथै बिधार्थीवर्गलाई हार्दिक बधाई दिएका छन | मङपुमा आईटी आई कलेज उपलब्ध गराईदिएकोमा मङपु लाब्दा समष्टि हिल टीएमसी युवा संगठनले राज्यका मुख्य मन्त्री ममता ब्यनार्जीलाई  समग्र मङपु बासीको पक्षमा कृतज्ञता प्रकट गरेका छन ||

8 members lefts GJM floats Dooars -Siliguri - Terai Bharatiya Nepalese Developmental Forum

Bimal Gurung
Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJMM), the political outfit in the Hills demanding separate state of Gorkhaland, suffered another split on Friday when eight of its central committee members broke away and floated a new forum - Dooars -Siliguri - Terai Bharatiya Nepalese Developmental Forum.
Significantly, the eight met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at Nabanna during the day and sought her help in addressing the problems of the people from the Terai-Dooars areas. Its chief convener, Praveen Singh, said that the forum has placed the demand for a separate board for the Terai-Dooars people on the similar lines of Lepcha, Bhutia, Tamang and Mangar Boards. This is the second time the GJMM is facing a crisis after its MLA from Kalim pong , Harka Bahadur Chhetri, broke away from the party a month ago and formed a political platform, Jana Andolan Party (JAP) in protest against the authoritarian attitude of the GJMM president, Bimal Gurung and the arbitrary way he was running the Gorkha Territorial Administration, an autonomous body formed for executing the administration and development in the Hills.
Chhetri has come in full support of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her vision of development for the Hill people. He said that while peace prevailed in the Hills and people were benefiting from the development work of the Trinamul Congress government, Gurung was unnecessarily trying to create tension in the area by stoking the demand for Gorkhaland.
"People want to live peacefully and they want development, education for their children and jobs," said Chhetri. However, neither JAP nor the forum for Terai and Dooars is willing to show their card as yet. They are considering to contest the election on their own strength as of now. "There are at least 12 assembly segments in Terai and Dooars and whether we will contest or not is yet to be decided," Singh added. On tying up with Trinamul Congress in the coming assembly election, the forum is yet to take a call. Meanwhile, GJMM had already pledged to join any alliance, which will take on the ruling party.(sns)

MTV Roadies met accident at Darjeeling 's Pesok view point

MTV Roadies vehicle met accident at Darjeeling 's Pesok view point
MTV Roadies met accident at Darjeeling 's Pesok view pointMukesh Sharma: Saturday morning turned a nightmare for the 11  Crew members of MTV's reality show Roadies which met with an accident at Darjeeling 's Pesok view point under Rangli Rangliot PS. The incident occurred around 7.30-8 am this morning when the crew member Force Traveler vehicle lost control after brake fail and overturned, seriously injuring eleven of them.

Tista ,R R Police and locals along with Teesta Rafting Rescue Member immediately rushed to the spot and from there 9 injured were taken to the Kalimpong and 2 seriously was taken to  Siliguri hospital.

The 9 admitted at Kalimpong was later referred to Siliguri which have sustained injury in head , back , leg and chest portion.

Amit Javalgi, Superintendent of Police, Darjeeling district informed 'an accident took place near pesok view point.A mini bus with the vehicle no  AS 01FC9100 carrying crew of roadies overturned .The accident took place at about 8 am. '

The injured which were bouth to Kalimpong Hospital were Magen Basu matary (36) Ashish Ansari(24),Akash Patel (25),Surendra Pràdhàn (35), Sidarth soni(24),John britto(33),Sandeep Bhaskar(29) Bijoy kumar Panday(32)Rabi Rajan kumar(24) where as Santosh Jaiswal(35)and Gaurav Bajaj (32) were taken to Siliguri.
Surendra Pradhan one of the injured inform that the team arrived on 4th Feb to shoot ,We were moving to a location but as the vehicle brake fail we met with an accident but due to our driver we are still alive'

बोधगयामा अन्तराष्ट्रीय मणी दुङचूर कार्यक्रम

religious programme near Bodhi Tree bodhgaya
बोधगया, ६ फरवरी: आखिल भारतीय महायना बौध मणिपा संघको आयोजनामा पाँचौ अन्तराष्ट्रीय मणी दुङचूर मोलम कार्यक्रम बोधगया (Bodhgaya) स्थित प्रमुख महाबोधी मन्दीर परिसरको बोधीवृक्ष (Bodhi tree) को वरिपरि भब्य रुपमा आयोजन भइरहेको छ | फरवरी ३ देखि आरम्भ भएको कार्यक्रम आज तेश्रो दिनमा प्रवेश गरेको छ | आगमी ७ फरवरीको दिन कार्यक्रमको समापन हुनेछ | मणिपा संघका हजारौ भक्तहरु भारतका विभिन्न राज्य लगायत छिमेकी राष्ट्रहरु जस्तै नेपाल, भुटान अनि अन्य राष्ट्रबाट २ फरवरीको दिन निङमा गुम्बा बोधगयामा भेला भएका थिए | ३ फरवरी बिहान ६ बजे हजारौं भक्तहरु द्वारा ३ किलोमिटर पैदल शान्ति यात्रा महाबोधी मन्दीर सम्म गरी कार्यक्रम आरम्भ गरिएको थियो | संघका धर्मगुरु परम पावन ख्येन रिम्पोछे साङ्गे लोडोको प्रज्ञापूर्ण सानिध्यमा कार्यक्रम चलिरहेको छ | पाँच दिनसम्म आयोजन हुने कार्यक्रम प्रतिदिन बिहान ७ बजेदेखि बेलुकी ५ बजे सम्म दुई सत्रमा चलिरहेको छ | यस कार्यक्रम अवधि १० करोड ॐ मणी पद्मे हुँ को जप हुनेछ |  बोधीवृक्षको छाहरी भित्रको पवित्र वातावरणमा मणिपा भक्तहरुले आसन बाँधेर जप गरिरहेको छ | कार्यक्रमको भब्य रुप देखेर अन्य भक्तहरुले पनि उत्साहपुर्वक जप ध्यानमा अंश ग्रहण गरिरहेका छन् | बोधीवृक्षको काखबाट धर्मगुरु ख्येन रिम्पोछेले आफ्ना अनुन्यायीहरुलाई मणि मन्त्र जप ध्यान अनि धर्म दर्शन बारे प्रवचन पनि गरेका थिए | प्रवचनको क्रममा खेम्पो साङ्गे छोपेल दार्जीलिंग अनि टुल्कु ल्वाङ छिरिंग भुटानबाट पनि क्रमैले हिन्दी अनि अंग्रेजीमा प्रवचनहरु भइरहेको छ | दैनिक पूजा पाठ तथा कार्यक्रमलाई  लामा पाल्देन म्हेमे दार्जीलिंगले अगुवाई गरिरहेका छन् | अखिल भारतीय महायाना बुद्धिष्ट मणिपा संघको वार्षिक कार्यक्रम मध्ये यो मणि दुङचूर मोलम कार्यक्रम मुख्य हो | संघले २०१२ देखि लगातार रुपमा भब्य रुपमा आयोजन गर्दै आइरहेको छ र यो कार्यक्रम संघको मुख्य उपलब्धि बनेको छ | यसै कार्यक्रम मार्फत संघले राष्ट्रीय स्तरदेखि अन्तराष्ट्रीय स्तरमा आफ्नो परिचय बनाउन सक्षम बनेको छ | यसघरि संघको कार्यक्रम साथ - साथै अन्य बौद्ध राष्ट्रहरु जस्तै थाईल्याण्ड, बर्मा अनि श्रीलंकाका प्रतिनिधिहरुबाट पनि पालै पालो पूजा पाठको कार्य भइरहेको छ | विभिन्न पूजा पाठको कार्यक्रमले गर्दा वातावरण नै अलौकिक बनेको छ | जप गर्ने क्रममा पहिलो दिन १,४०,२५०००, दोश्रो दिन १,५०,१०००० अनि तेश्रो दिन १,२२,१७००० जप भइसकेको छ | तेश्रो दिन धर्मगुरु ख्येन रिम्पोछे साङ्गे लोडोको पवित्र सानिध्यमा सय भन्दा अधिक भक्तहरुले धर्मदिक्षा पनि ग्रहण गरेका छन् | यस सम्पूर्ण जानकारी साथ मूल सचिव गोपाल मोक्तान अनि प्रवक्ता किरण पाख्रिनले संयुक्त रुपमा प्रेस विज्ञप्ति दिएका छन् ||

सिन्कोनामा बदली कामको शुभ सन्देश दिंदै बस्यो सभा

Darjeeling Terai Dooars Plantation Labour Union
सिन्कोना बगानमा आफ्नो बहुमुल्य पसिना अनि आफ्नो उमेरहरु दिइ साठी वर्षपछि अवकास ग्रहण गरेका सिन्कोना बगानका कर्मचारीवर्गले पनि बदली काम पाउने निश्चित गरी ती परिवारहरुलाई शुभ संदेश दिन सुरेन राई सभापति मङपू जोन दार्जीलिंग तराई डुवर्स प्लान्टेशन लेबर युनियनको अध्यक्षतामा एउटा सभा बसेको छ | सभामा अवकाशप्राप्त कर्मचारीहरुका परिवारले पनि बदली काम पाउन पर्छ भनी मागमा संघर्षरत दार्जीलिंग तराई डुवर्स प्लान्टेशन लेबर युनियन अनि जनमुक्ति मोर्चा मङपू जोन अधिनस्थ समस्त शाखाहरु, युनियन शाखाहरु ती कर्मचारीहरुको परिवारलाई रेगुलर लेबरको रुपमा बदली काम अनि साल २००८ देखि आज पर्यान्त अवकाश प्राप्त कर्मचारीका परिवार सदस्यलाई बदली काम सिजनल वकर्सको रुपमा दिलाउन सक्षम भएको जानकारी तथा कतिपय टेक्निकल सुविधा - असुविधा अनि बगानको कार्य संस्कार सविस्तार बताउन बसेको उक्त सभालाई किशन बुडाथोकी मङपू जोन युनियन सचिवले संचालन गरेका थिए | सभामा मङपू, लाब्दा, रेशेप, रंग्बी, रन्जुभेली शाखा दार्जीलिंग तराई डुवर्स प्लान्टेशन लेबर युनियनका सभापति - सचिवहरु अनि पाँचै विभागका अवकास प्राप्त कर्मचारीहरु तथा परिवारका सदस्य- सदस्याहरुको बिशेष उपस्थिति रहेको थियो |  सभालाई सिन्कोना जोन सचिव गगन राई अनि मङपू जोन गोजमुमोले पनि सम्बोधन गरेका थिए | युनियन अनि मोर्चाले २००७ देखि यता सिन्कोना बगानका हराई सकेका मजदुरहरुको बदली काम दिलाउंदै आइरहेको छ | आज फेरि अवकाश प्राप्त कर्मचारीहरुको सिजनल वकर्सलाई पूर्णरुपमा ७२ जनालाई रेगुलर बनाउन सक्षम भएको र रहल वकर्सले पालो पर्खनु पर्ने टेक्निकल विषय बताउने कार्य भयो भने साल २००८ देखि आजसम्मका अवकाश प्राप्त कर्मचारीको परिवारलाई सिजनल वकर्सको रुपमा बदली काम दिने निश्चित भएको जानकारी सभामा दिइयो | सम्बोधनमा युनियन र पार्टीले मजदुरवर्गको बदली काम, प्रोमोसन तथा बगानको हितार्थ धेरै कार्यहरु गर्दै आएको अनि कुइलेन कारखानाको पुन: निर्माणको  निम्ति वर्क अर्डर आएको पनि सभामा अव्गात गराए | सभामा रेगुलर हुने, सिजनल वर्करको रुपमा बदली काम पाउने सम्पूर्णलाई बगानको कार्य संस्कार बारे पनि जानकारी गराए भने मजदुरवर्ग तथा सिन्कोनाबासीको हित चिताउने युनियन र पार्टीलाई निष्ठापूर्वक कृतज्ञ बनी संधै साथ दिंदै आए भविष्यमा अझ धेरै समस्याहरु समाधान हुने पनि सबैलाई जनाए | रेगुलर हुन मौका नपाउनेहरुलाई पालो पर्खनु पर्ने अनि सबैलाई एकैचोटि रेगुलर गर्न असुविधा हुने कुराहरु उपस्थित सबैलाई जानकारी गराए | यसरी सिन्कोना बगान अनि बगानमा आश्रित मजदुरवर्ग, कर्मचारीको धेरै समस्याहरु सफलतापुर्वक समाधान गर्न सक्षम भएकोमा गोर्खाल्याण्ड क्षेत्रीय प्रसाशन मुख्य कार्यपाल तथा गोर्खा जनमुक्ति मोर्चा अध्यक्ष बिमल गुरुङ, सभासद रतन थापा प्रति सम्पूर्ण सिन्कोना बगानको पक्षमा हार्दिक कृतज्ञता प्रकट गरिएको जानकारी एक विज्ञप्ति मार्फत दार्जीलिंग तराई डुवर्स प्लान्टेशन लेबर युनियन मङपू विभाग शाखा सभापति बुद्ध कुमार थापाले दिएको छ ||