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Jana Andolan Students' Union plea for college mathematics teacher

Kalimpong College
The Jana Andolan Students' Union that won Kalimpong College elections recently has written to the state higher education department demanding the appointment of a permanent teacher in the mathematics department that has only one temporary professor since September 2013.
Forty-five undergraduate students have math honours or pass papers in the college and the Jasu apprehends that the department will shut down if the only teacher quits.
Asked about the situation, the college principal said there were two sanctioned posts in the department and he was hopeful that at least one would be filled up "soon".
Manish Khaling, secretary of the college union, said the math department had been without a permanent lecturer since September 2013. "Our fear is that the department could face closure in the absence of a permanent lecturer if the present teacher were to quit. It would jeopardise the career of around 45 students of first, second and third years," he said.
"We have written to Vivek Kumar, principal secretary of the state higher education department, demanding that a permanent lecturer be appointed before winter break ends (in February)," he said.
Principal R.P. Dhakal said: "There are two posts. But when we advertised for those, we did not receive a single application. I am hopeful that one of the permanent posts will be filled up soon."
Khaling said even before they won the college polls, they had written to the vice-chancellor of North Bengal University, to which the college was affiliated, with the demand.(TT)

Tshering Sherpa Hawa's savings turn dust

Tshering Sherpa Hawa
Tshering Sherpa does not have black money with him but has the life's savings of Rs 20,000 in old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.
Tshering, who is known as Hawa (air) - this is one of the few words in his limited vocabulary - can neither speak properly nor hear, and ekes out a living doing odd jobs in Sonada, 17km from Darjeeling.
The man in his mid-forties knows nothing about the demonetisation drive and cannot understand that his life's savings have turned worthless. After the Centre had withdrawn old Rs 1,000 and 500 notes, people were allowed to exchange those currencies till December 30.
Now, only NRIs and those who were abroad during the two-month period can exchange the notes.
Preeti Pakhring Lama, who teaches history at Holy Cross Higher Secondary School in Sonada, came to know about Tshering's saving and took to the social media to highlight his cause.
"I request you all to help me, is there any way out? Can someone suggest how this issue can be resolved, so that we can find help from someone for Mr. Tshering," she wrote on Facebook.
Lama told The Telgraph: "I am also from Sonada and two days back, I had gone to my uncle's grocery that is frequented by Tshering. There, I was told that he had some money with him. I tried to explain to him about demonetisation but he did not understand the issue. With hand gestures, I asked if I could count his money and he allowed me to do so."
According to the teacher, Tshering has Rs 20,000 in Rs 500 notes and one Rs 1,000 note. He carries his saving with him.
Bhaskar Roy, an RBI assistant manager in Gangtok, said as of now, the only advice he could provide to Tshering was to hold on to the money and hope for some government directives.(TT)

Sikkim girl TV actress Manju Chettri will act in Priyanka Chopra film

Tv actress from sikkim Manju Chettri
A Sikkimese actress has bagged a role in a film being produced by Priyanka 'Quantico' Chopra's company.
Manju Chettri, 27, will act in Pawna - The Little Visitors for which she had auditioned in September 2016.
The TV actress, who got a call from Purple Pebble Pictures a few days ago, said she was "stunned" when she came to that she had been selected for the film.

"I got a call about my selection in the movie over phone from Mumbai few days ago. I was stunned when I first received the information. I am happy and excited," Manju told The Telegraph.
The Sikkimese- Nepali film will be produced by Purple Pebble that is owned by Madhu Chopra, mother of actress Priyanka Chopra. It will be directed by Paakhi A. Tyrewala.
Manju started acting in 2013 and since then, she has appeared in music videos and Nepali television serials. She earned some fame in Sikkim and Nepal after she got a role in Meri Bassai, a popular Nepali soap.

Manju said she was not sure what kind of role she would get but was confident and would give her best to prove her talent. "For artistes, it does not matter whether the role is small or big. What matters is how much the artiste justifies the character or the role," she said.
The line producer of the film, Raj Sitoula, said there were five other artistes from Sikkim who had been selected for Pawna. "She has impressed everyone by her acting skills and will join the acting workshop for the film from the first week of February," said Sitoula.
Manju is a fan of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh but has watched several Priyanka starrers.
Manju who hails from Regu village in East Sikkim attributes her success to her mother who has raised her after her father and elder sister died in a landslide in 2002. " My mother is the happiest person now. My father was my inspiration as he used to tell me not to give up in any circumstance," she added.
Manju finished her MBA in HR from Sikkim Manipal University in 2013.
Mother Nani Maya Chettri said: "Acting was always Manju's forte. I still remember her acting in front of a mirror. I am happy with her selection in the movie. All I can give her are my blessings."
The shooting is expected to start in the first week of March in Sikkim.
The story is about two children who are separated from their parents at the time of unrest in Nepal, said a source in the movie crew.(TT)

Nepali rapper Yama Buddha found dead in london

Yama Buddha or Anil Adhikari
LONDON, Jan 14: In an apparent suicide, famous Nepali rapper Anil Adhikari, widely known as Yama Buddha, has been found dead here on Saturday morning.

Adhikari’s brother-in-law Resh Marhatta confirmed the death talking to Republica Online. BBC Nepali Service said that the rapper is no more.

Quoting the family sources, journalist Bhagirath Yogi of BBC reported that the singer committed suicide in his residence in northern London.

According to family sources, the singer was found dead in his bathroom at around 3 am. Adhikari, 29, had been living in London with his wife.

The dead body has been kept at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow.

Source added that police have told the family members to contact them only on Monday. It is learnt that the postmortem will be conducted on Wednesday. Marhatta added that the cause for the death will be known only after the postmortem is conducted.

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तामांग अधिवेशनमा काठमाण्डौको रोज मोक्तानको पनि प्रस्तुति रहने

Roj Moktan
अखिल भारतीय तामांग बौद्ध संघको आयोजनामा यहाँको मङपु जनमैदानमा आगमी २१ जनवरीदेखि २४ जनवरी सम्म  सम्पन्न हुने ३२ औं वार्षिक अधिवेशनको अर्को थप आकर्षण स्वरूप काठमाण्डौबाट नेपाली चर्चित लोक तथा सेलो गायक रोज मोक्तानले पनि आफ्नो उपस्थिति दिने भएको छ भने साथमा नाम्ची सिक्किमबाट अनिता लामा मोक्तानले पनि आफ्नो प्रस्तुति दिनेछिन् जसले विभिन्न नेपाली गीति एल्बमहरु मार्फत आफ्नो परिचय स्थापित गरिसकेकी छिन् | बिशेषत: मुख्यमन्त्री पवन चामलिंग द्वारा रचित गीतहरु “तिमी बिना” एल्बम मार्फत नेपाली संगीत जगतमा आफ्नो छाप बसाई सकेकी छे | अन्य सांगीतिक कार्यक्रमहरुमा दार्जीलिंग जिल्लाका विभिन्न प्रशिद्ध तामांग कलाकारहरुले आ – आफ्नो प्रस्तुति दिनेछन् भने मङपुका कलाकारहरु द्वारा संगीत सम्राट स्व० गोपाल योन्जन अनि स्वर सम्राज्ञी स्व० अरुणा लामा एवम सेलो गायिका स्व० हिरादेवी वाइबाका अमर गीतहरु प्रस्तुत गर्नेछन् | यस बाहेक विभिन्न क्षेत्रहरुबाट नृत्य टोलीको नृत्य प्रस्तुति पनि हुने जानकारी प्रचार प्रसार सचिव सुरेन पाख्रीनले दिएको छ ||

जोगीघाट हाटमा नि:शुल्क पशु चिकित्सा शिविर सम्पन्न

free Animal Health camp at jogighat
जोगीघाट ब्रीज परिसरमा सिटोङ अनि मङपु क्षेत्रका केही युवाहरु मिलेर दुवै क्षेत्रका कृषकहरुको पसिनालाई साकार रुप दिन साप्ताहिक शनिबारे हाटको आयोजन गर्दै बारीमा उब्जने साग सब्जीहरुको बजारीकरण गराउन प्रयासरत छन् भने यही हाट आयोजक समितिले कृषकहरुलाई प्रोह्त्सान दिन नि:शुल्क बीजहरु वितरण गरिसकेको छ | यसरी नै कृषि साथै पशु पालन क्षेत्रदेखि प्राय: हरेश खाइसकेका कृषकहरुलाई जगाउन आज यही आयोजक समितिले नि:शुल्क पशु चिकित्सा शिविरको आयोजना गरेको छ | आज माघे सक्रान्तिको शुभ मुहुर्तमा एकातिर दार्जीलिंग अनि खरसाङ क्षेत्रका मानिसहरु जोगीघाटमा बनभोज खान थुप्रेका थिए भने अर्कोतिर तक्दा बीएएचसीका पशु चिकित्सा सम्बन्धित टोलीको अथक सहयोगमा नि:शुल्क पशु चिकित्सा शिविर सम्पन्न भएको छ | तक्दा बीएएचसीबाट डा० शृष्टि मोक्तान संगै सहयोगीहरु शुकराज भट्टराई, यमनाथ शर्मा, सचिन छेत्री अनि शिदार्थ तामांग उपस्थित थिए | शिविरमा प्राय: ३० देखि ४० वटा कुकुरहरुलाई रेबिस प्रतिरोधक इन्जेक्सन लगाइयो | गृह पालित अन्य पशुहरु जस्तै गाई, बाख्रा, सुँगुर आदि शिविर स्थलसम्म ल्याउन असजिलो भएकोले स्थानीय मानिसहरुले नि:शुल्क शिविरको फाइदा उठाउँदै ती गाई, बाख्राहरुको निम्ति विभिन्न प्रकारका दबाईहरु पनि लगे | हाट आयोजक समिति सभापति समीर मोक्तानले संचालन गरेको कार्यक्रममा सर्वप्रथम तक्दाबाट आएका पशु चिकित्सा सम्बन्धित व्यक्तिहरुलाई खादा अर्पण गर्दै स्वागत जनाइएपछि पशु चिकित्सा जाँच शिविर शुरु भएको थियो भने शिविरमासमितिका मङपु अनि सिटोङ दुवैका सदस्यहरुको सक्रिय भूमिका रहेको थियो || 

2 arrested in Kumar Subba murder case

2 arrested in Kumar Subba murder case
Two absconders accused in the murder of Kumar Subba, the president of Yuma Yangthung Tribal Youth Phojumbho, an association of the Limbu community of Darjeeling, were arrested this morning by the Darjeeling police.
They have been identified as Baley Rai and Deoman Rai. Both in their mid-50s, the two were picked up from their houses in Harsingh Hatta near Lebong, 8km from Darjeeling town.
The family of the victim had named the duo in the FIR lodged at the Sadar police station after the crime was committed in the night of December 28, 2016.
Baley and Deoman were produced in the chief judicial magistrate court and sent to three days police remand. Darjeeling SP Amit Javalgi said, “We have arrested two persons accused in the Lebong murder case of December 28. The two were produced in court which granted us three days remand for further investigation."
On December 28, Subba and his friend Binny Limbu were returning home to Singamari from a meeting of the community when they got into an altercation with the accused at Lebong Golai. In the heat of the moment, Baley and Deoman allegedly hacked Subba to death with a sharp weapon and injured Limbu grievously. The police are yet to recover the murder weapon. (EOIC)

PHE water distribution among Gangtok residents

PHE water distribution among Gangtok residents
Demo pix
The state Public Health Engineering department has started the distribution of additional 21 million litre water among Gangtok residents on a test basis and officials said water meters would be launched by April.
Sonam Dadul Bhutia, the principal secretary of PHE department, said the town had been getting additional water since yesterday. "Once the 24-hour supply regularises, we will install water meters in every household here," he said.
Installing a water meter would mean that a consumer will have to pay according to usage, Bhutia said.

"The 24-hour water supply would begin from February-end and we would launch the meter system by April. There would be different slabs for domestic and commercial use and the rates are yet to be finalised," Bhutia added. "The total water supply in Gangtok has become 42 million litre per day (including the additional 21 million litre)."
A senior PHE official said every house owner now pays Rs 90 a month for two hours of water supply a day. "The meters would ensure judicious use of water," he said.(TT)