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Bimal Gurung warns of situation flaring up, if Bengali langauge is imposed in the hills

Gorkha Janmukti Morcha president Bimal Gurung
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha president Bimal Gurung today warned of the possibility of situation turning volatile, if the state government forcibly imposed Bengali language in the hills schools.
The GJM leader termed the state government’s decision to impose Bengali language in the hills an “atikraman” (domination).
The Bengal government is set to pave the passage in the Assembly to make Bengali language compulsory in schools in the state. Although schools in the hills have been exempted from the state imposition, but the GJM party is not taking any chances.
GJM’s youth front- Gorkha Janmukti Yuwa Morcha- protesting the state government directive organized rallies in the hills a few days back.
Today Gurung said, “We are not against studying Bengali language, but we will not accept any forcible imposition. It must be remembered that we culturally and linguistically different and have our own traditions. If Bengali is imposed than it will harm our culture, tradition and language”.
Gurung said he (as GJM president and Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, chief executive) had written to chief minister Mamata Banerjee requesting her to give a rethink to her government’s decision.
The GJM president said situation could flare up in the hills. “We want the state government to consider and rethink their decision. If Bengal still goes ahead than there is every possibility of a things turning volatile in the hills which no one will be able to stop,” Gurung warned.
Roshan Giri, the GJM general secretary admitted that making Bengali a compulsory language in schools of the state was not officially an act but said the government should take into consideration the pros and cons. “There will be chain reaction if Bengali is made compulsory in the hills schools. Schools will have to appoint Bengali teachers which effectively means to parents will be over charged. Also, finding teachers teaching Bengali outside the schools is not possible which will affect students,” he reasoned.
Giri also said that Nepali was recognized as an official language in Bengal under the West Bengal Official Language Act in 1961 and was included in the eight schedule of the Constitution in 1992. “We feel that Bengal should also make way to include Nepali language in schools as it is officially recognized. We are not against learning new languages,” he said. (EOIC)

Demanding implementation of Minimum Wage Act calls general strike on June 13

Minimum Wage Act in the tea gardens
Trade union of the hills and plains under the aegis of Joint Forum today said a general strike would be called on June 13 in the North Bengal region to demand for implementation of the Minimum Wage Act in the tea gardens.
Saman Pathak, former Rajya Sabha MP and senior member of the Darjeeling Zilla Chia Kaman Majdur Union (DZCKMU), affiliated to the CPM party and one of the members of the JF made the announcement today in Darjeeling.
Among the host of issues related to the tea gardens in the hills and Terai and Dooars, the forum primarily wants speedy implementation of the MW Act and distribution of ration and old system of wage payment to workers.
“Several rounds of meeting with the state government have been held in regards to implementing the minimum wage act in the tea gardens of the hills and plains. However, the state government has yet to take any initiative and is only lingering the issue. Worker’s condition in the garden is getting worse and as such we want that the state government to come up with concrete steps to implement the act,” said Pathak.
On May 21, the Forum had convened a meeting at Chalsa in Dooars to discuss the issue with members comprising 26 trade unions from the hills, Terai and Dooars. During the meeting, the members took the decision to call a general strike in the Hills and plains on June 13 preceded by closure of all the tea gardens a day earlier on June 12, the CPM trade union leader said, today.
The CPM trade union is also not happy with the garden management distribution of ration to workers under the National Food Security Act (NFSA). “Earlier the management was distributing ration to workers normally as part of their wage. However, after the implementation of NFSA, the garden management have stopped giving the normal ration,” Pathak said.
The DZCKMU also point out the new policy of wage payment through banks after demonetization set in last year was causing undue inconvenience to workers and demanded revision. “The worker’s wage is very meager and they are paid on weekly or fortnightly basis. The new system is only causing inconvenience to workers as they have to travel far spending money and standing in queue in bank which is not only tiresome but also time consuming. We want the management to go back to the old system of wage payment,” the former RS MP said.
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) president Bimal Gurung said his party would extend support to the bandh called by the Forum for the interest of the tea garden workers of the hills and plains. “My party will extend full support to the strike called by the joint forum of tea gardens on June 12 and 13. Garden and worker’s condition is very deplorable in the hills and plains. Many gardens are shut in Terai and Dooars and a couple in the hills. There has to be some sort of permanent solution. The minimum wage act must also be implemented at the earliest,” said Gurung. (EOIC)

Tourism hit by VIP visit during peak season

Traffic jam in Darjeeling
The Darjeeling Association of Travel Agents today made an appeal that VIPs should not come to the hills during the peak tourist season as due to the requisition of vehicles for their visit the tourists are the ones that face the most problem due to lack of vehicles.
The statement of the tour association comes in the wake of the Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee scheduled to visit Mirik on the June 4th and Darjeeling on June 5th for which the official confirmation is yet to be got.
Speaking in a press conference the DATA general secretary Pradip Lama said, “I would like to make an appeal to all VIPs that they should try and avoid coming to the hills during the peak tourist season as it only causes numeral problems for tourists in the form of unavailability of vehicles as they are requisitioned for VIP duty.
When VIPs come not only vehicles are requisitioned but traffic is also affected with vehicles not allowed to ply in certain routes.”
Lama however did not mention the CMs visit to the hills.
Presently, with the peak tourist season going on there are many tourists in the hills with tour operators claiming that there has been a sharp increase of tourists this year compared to this time last year. They claim that the tourist season which started from April end itself has all hotels packed right up till June 2nd week this year with the main reason for the increase being tourists not going to Kashmir this time.
Lama was also seen appealing to the administration to look into the overcharging of tariff in hotels with some of them charging almost double. He however maintained that the vehicles charge were fine.
“The vehicles are also charging more than what they do but it looking at no increase in vehicle charges since the year 2008 I feel that it is fine as taxes and other things have increase since then,” said Lama.
On the other hand on the same issue the police here was seen holding a meeting with hotel owners, taxi syndicates and tour operators at Hayden Hall.
In the meeting the Darjeeling DSP Sidarth Dorjee said, “We are hearing about excess increase in the tariff of hotels and the charges being levied by the vehicles during this tourist season. Although we have not got any formal complaint we will take strict action if we find this being done with a case of extortion also started against the person doing this.”
The police also asked the people present there that the tariff of the vehicles and the hotels should be kept in proper display and further maintained that they will put forward a proposal with the Darjeeling SP asking that a task force be made of police who could conduct checks in civil dress in hotel and vehicles for this matter. (EOIC)

West Bengal Madhyamik Pariksha Results 2017

West Bengal Madhyamik Pariksha Results 2017
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) officially  going to announce the  Madhyamik (Class 10) Results 2017 on 27 May, 2017 from 10 AM onwards. So the students who have appeared West Bengal Madhyamik Pariksha 2017  this year from 22 February - 3 March 2017 can check their exam results in the following websites given below.

Candidates appeared: 11,43,372 
Candidates qualified:  9,27,453
Total Pass percentage: 82.74%
Pass percentage of boys: 86.34%
Pass percentage of girls: 79.62%

GTA tourism department buses not registering

buses bought by the GTA tourism department
The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha today alleged that the regional transport office here was not registering four buses bought by the GTA tourism department.
The GTA had purchased four air-conditioned buses at a cost of Rs 67 lakh in November to ferry tourists. With tourism season at its peak, there is a dearth of vehicles in the hills but the four buses have been lying unused.
Rohit Sharma, the Kurseong MLA of the Morcha, today said over phone from Calcutta: "A few months back in the Assembly, I had raised the issue of setting up a regional transport authority for the GTA area as mentioned in the GTA Act. Transport minister Subhendu Adhikari, however, told me that the GTA had purchased Volvo buses without taking the consent of the state government."

Although the minister said the buses' manufacturer was Volvo, the GTA had bought them from some other firm.
The MLA went on: "I was surprised by the answer. Do they want us the GTA to seek permission even to buy buses? To think about it now, the minister's statement now hints why buses bought by the GTA tourism department are not being registered. This shows how low they can stoop."
Section 27 of the GTA Act says: "There shall be a Regional Transport Authority for the GTA area with the district magistrate as the chairman and two non official members to be nominated by the chief executive."
However, a single RTA for the GTA area has not been created despite the hill body being in place for nearly five years now.
The RTA registers all vehicles and provides road permits.
The official was hinting that the issue probably was not limited to the district level. The RTO is under the district administration concerned.
Asked about the delay in the registration, Rajen Sundas, the regional transport officer, Darjeeling, said: "I am out of station and will be in my Darjeeling office on Monday. I cannot recollect the details immediately."
While the GTA has not been able to ply the buses, the state government has said 270 new buses will be introduced across Bengal, including eight in the Darjeeling hills and four each in the Dooars and Murshidabad.(TT)

No public meetings at Sumeroo Manch Darjeeling

Sumeroo Manch located in the heart of Darjeeling town
What seems to be a counter measure, the district administration today proposed not allowing public meetings to be held at Sumeroo Manch located in the heart of town which comes after the
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) said the Darjeeling municipality would not allow political programs at Chowrasta. Sub-divisional officer Avik Chatterjee to invited various political parties of the hills for a meeting to discuss the issue and take suggestions and feedback.
Sumeroo Manch is a popular venue from where different political parties and at time even social organizations hold their public meetings, to reach out people with their message. It is located at the busy Chowk Bazar, a market area on National Highway which is always inundated with people. Thus political parties clamour to hold their public meetings at the venue, given its vantage location.
The district administration reasoned that holding public meetings at Sumeroo Manch unnecessarily caused traffic jams and inconvenience to commuters. The SDO though said it was only a proposal and would only be implemented on consensus. “Holding meetings at Sumero Manch causes massive traffic snarls, as the road is narrow and is the main market area visited by thousands of people at any given time of the day. The problem gets aggravated during the tourist season. It is only a proposal and we will act on it if the political parties here give their consent. We will not force it,” Chatterjee said, after an all party meeting in the district magistrate office, today.
The SDO said political parties could hold their public meetings in the ground of the Gorkha Dukha Niwarak Sammellan, about hundred meters away below the main road from Chowk Bazar. “The GDNS ground can be an alternative venue for the political parties to hold their meetings,” he said.
However, the GDNS ground too comes with its problems. The ground is small and putting up pandals eats up space. The lateral road too is very narrow and also serves as parking lot for vehicles coming to town from rural areas.
The GJM party has said that the municipality would not allow political and government programs in Chowrasta, a popular promenade of the hill town. GJM has said a resolution would be placed and passed in the Darjeeling civic board, after the swearing in ceremony.
The GJM gave the all party meeting a miss and also refused to comment. Representatives of the TMC, Jana Andolan Party (JAP) and the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) party were however present in the meeting.
JAP, senior bureau member Amar Lama, who was present in today’s meeting said it would be difficult to uphold the district administration’s proposal. “Sumeroo Manch is politically an iconic venue with history. Not only prominent local leaders of various political parties but it is said even Mahatma Gandhi gave his speech from here. Also given its strategic location, it makes sense for political parties to hold their meeting at Sumeroo Manch to get maximum response,” he said.
GNLF representatives refused to come on record but echoed the JAP leader’s sentiments. (EOIC)

Morcha protest rally against Bengali language mendatory

Morcha protest rally against Bengali language mendatory
As the youth front of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha continued its protest rally today against the state government’s decision of making Bengali language as the compulsory 3rd language in schools all over the state the Morcha central committee maintained that their party Chief Bimal Gurung would send a letter to the Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee asking her that forceful implementation of the Bengali languages in schools where Nepali speaking Gorkhas lived in the hills along with Terrai, Dooars and other places in Bengal should not be done.
Today’s rally however did not include school students with last time when the youth front had taken out a rally on Tuesday they had an altercation with the police who asked them not to use school students for political programs.
The Morcha general secretary Roshan Giri said, “The Nepali language is a recognized language under the 8th Schedule in the year 1992 along with it also being given a status of an official language in Bengal in the year 1961. Such forceful imposition of the Bengali language in schools is an insult to the Nepali language. Our youth front is already organizing protest rallies against it while on the other hand our party president will send a memorandum to the Bengal chief minister regarding the matter.”
A protest rally was also taken out by the youth front of the Morcha today making it the second day that such rallies have been held. A memorandum was also given by the youth front to the state education minister Partha Chatterjee and the Bengal chief minister through the district administration.
The ADM U. Swaroop who was handed over the memorandum said, “We have not got any official implementation of the status of this order in the hills but we will forward the memorandum to the concerned authorities.” (EOIC)

शान्ता छेत्रीलाई राज्य सभा मनोनित गरेकोमा टीएमसी महिला एकाईको बधाई

CM mamata banerjee nominates Shanta Chhetri as Rajya Sabha MP candidate
हिल टीएमसी पार्टी खरसाङ समष्टिका वार्किंग प्रेसिडेन्ट शान्ता छेत्रीलाई पश्चिम बङ्गाल सरकार मुख्यमन्त्री तथा टीएमसी पार्टी सुप्रिमो ममता ब्यनार्जीले राज्य सभा सांसद मनोनित गरेपछि दार्जीलिंग जिल्ला र कालेबुंग जिल्लाका हिल तृणमूल खेमामा खुशीको लहर साथै पार्टीगत क्रियाकलापको उर्जा बढेको छ | राज्य सभा सांसद मनोनित भएपछि शान्ता छेत्रीलाई शुभकामना दिने क्रम जारी रहँदै हिल टीएमसी महिला जिल्ला कमिटि महासचिव रेजिना गुरुङको सक्रियतामा हिल टीएमसी महिला कंग्रेस रङली रङलियट खण्ड कमिटि अनि हिल टीएमसी मङपु जोनको महिला कार्यकर्ताहरुले राज्य सभा सांसद शान्ता छेत्रीलाई शुभकामना दिएका छन् | टीएमसी सुप्रिमो ममता ब्यनार्जीले शान्ता छेत्रीलाई राज्यसभा सांसद मनोनित गरेपछि टीएमसी खेमामा उर्जा थपिएपनि प्रतिपक्षका मोर्चा पन्थीले भने ममताको यस निर्णयलाई गोर्खाल्याण्ड मुद्दा रोक्न राज्य सभामा शान्ता छेत्रीलाई मनोनित गरेको प्रतिक्रिया मोर्चा महासचिव रोशन गिरीले दिइसकेका छन् भने पहाडको विधालयहरुमा बंगला भाषा थोपेपछि मोर्चा प्रमुख बिमल गुरुङले गोर्खाल्याण्ड आन्दोलन गर्ने संकेत दिंदै मनोनित सांसद शान्ता छेत्रीलाई समर्थन नगर्ने बयान जारी गरेका छन् | बिमल गुरुङको यस प्रकारको बयानलाई हिल तृणमुल कंग्रेस महिला एकाईले एउटा गोर्खे नेता भएर गोर्खा चेली नै राज्य सभा सांसद मनोनित भएकोमा समर्थन गर्नको साटो गोर्खाको अपमान गरेको बताएका छन् | यस बाहेक महिला समुहले अझ थपे कि गोर्खाल्याण्डको नाम गरेर अगोर्खाहरु जसवन्तसिंह, एसएस अह्लुवालियालाई सांसद बनाउने बिमलले गोर्खाको सपना गोर्खाको संघर्ष र गोर्खाको सम्मान कति गर्न सकेको छ ? बिमल गुरुङले म गोर्खाको बाउ हुँ भन्छ तर गोर्खाको उन्मुक्ति गर्न अगोर्खालाई सांसद बनाएको सत्य कुरा कसैले भुलेको छैनन् | तर एउटा गोर्खा चेली सांसद हुँदा बिरोध गर्नु गोर्खाहरुको अभिभावक ठान्ने बिमल गुरुङलाई बिश्वास गर्न नसकिने बताएका छन् |
बंगला भाषा अतिक्रमण प्रकरणमा मोर्चा प्रमुखले पहाडमा टीएमसीको मान्छेहरुलाई गन्ध पनि पर्न नदिने बयानको कडा बिरोध गर्दै बिमल गुरुङ आफैले गोर्खाल्याण्डको नाममा गोर्खा जातिको चैन बन्धकीमा राखेको बताएका छन् | शान्ता छेत्री राज्य सभा सांसद भएपछि दार्जीलिंग जिल्ला र कालेबुंग जिल्ला भित्र रहेका हिल टीएमसी महिला कंग्रेस समुहले शुभकामना दिंदै भावी दिनमा सांसद छेत्रीले समग्र पहाडको बिकास साथै आम नागरिकको हक हितमा असल कार्यहरु गरेर मोर्चाको नकरात्मक प्रतिक्रियालाई जवाब दिने दाबी महिला समुहले गरेका छन् ||