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Care IVF 1st Clinic in N-E opens in Siliguri

Care IVF 1st Clinic in N-E in siliguri
Care IVF, a fertility centre opened by Dr Rajeev Agarwal  and Dr. K.C Mitra its first branch in Mitra Nursing Home, Tilak Road, Siliguri with two fully operating centres in Kolkata and one in Jamshedpur, the Siliguri centre, will be its first venture outside Kolkata in West Bengal. Dr Rajeev Agarwal, Director and Infertility specialist, Care IVF said, “At Care IVF our motto is to provide honest opinion, sincere treatment, best result and that too at the lowest cost possible. Infertility troubles you, we make sure our treatment doesn’t, he said. “Speaking on this occasion Dr. Mitra said, “We are very happy to be welcome Care IVF in Mitra Nursing Home. In my opinion it’s a perfect match of two institutions who work on the forefront of technology and have a common goal of providing the best patient experience. Care IVF also runs the only NGO of its infertility segment aptly named as ‘Learning and Education About Fertility (LEAF) Foundation, has been instrumental in helping economically compromised couples get access to infertility treatment by connecting them to benefactors and arranging subsidised treatments and medicines LEAF Foundation provides almost about Ten Lac worth of free treatment every year added by Dr. Agarwal.(EOI)

Unesco warns on Darjeeling toy train heritage tag

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
A Unesco team that is working on a conservation plan for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway today said it had got feedback that the toy train service did not meet the criteria to command heritage status and was close to being put on the "danger list".
Paul Atkins, the technical consultant of Unesco, who is part of the team drawing up a comprehensive conservation management plan, said the plan "was to have been drawn up within five years of the Unesco granting world heritage status". He said it was delayed for various reasons and the two-year project had started from March this year.
The Unesco granted world heritage status to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway on December 2, 1999.
Today, the DHR marked 136 years of operation. On August 23, 1880, the first train ran from Siliguri to Kurseong.
If the DHR is put on the List of World Heritage Sites in Danger, it will share space with the ruined archaeological remains of the Bamiyan valley in Afghanistan, where the Taliban destroyed two statues of the Buddha in 2001. Also on the list is Aleppo in Syria, where a multinational military effort to counter the Islamic State has made the ancient city a war zone.
Atkins today said: "In the past, the Unesco had received feedback from unofficial people but who are experts in their fields that the DHR was not meeting the criteria. Unesco had raised the matter with the Indian railways and following their assurance, it decided not to put them on the danger list. Right now, it is not on the danger list but it is getting closer."
Atkins said the DHR should have a separate management structure. "The DHR needs an independent management unit, which along with railways should incorporate local stakeholders and civil administration. The DHR also needs special maintenance and people with special skills and knowledge of the system and this has to be passed down," he said.
The Unesco team believes that following the conservation plan would lead to setting up a DHR world heritage site management office.
"Excessive encroachment, illegal structures dangerously close to the tracks, loss of physical features of the DHR over the years and restructuring of the work forces are some of the challenges," Atkins said.
Ideally, the DHR is expected to maintain a clear area of two meters from the middle of the track, which has been flouted at many places.(TT)

India Post releases special cover on Rabindranath tagore

India Post releases Special cover on Rabindranath Tagore in mungpoo
A special cover on nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore issued on 21st August by India post, West Bengal circle in mungpoo, Darjeeling. The cover has been designed & proposed by Lok K Goyal of AG Impex, a well known modern philatelist. This cover has been designed with special printing technology using UV and embossed technique to give effect of a real statue on touch as well as on look. A special cancellation has been also designed for this cover. Each cover is individually numbered with its price printed on the backside of the cover.

Mungpoo, a small town nestled between Darjeeling and siliguri in West Bengal, India, is popular because of cinchona plantation and frequent visits by Nobel  laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore between 1938 and 1940, in his latter days. The poet used to come to this place for its soothing and  quiet ambience to write and to see Maitreyi Devi, who herself was a renowned poet and novelist, and used to stay at her bungalow. He had visited Mungpoo on 21st May in 1938, 24th May in 1939, 12th September in 1939 and 21st August in 1940. It is here where the poet wrote his famous poem “Janmadin”. Later on, the bungalow was converted into Rabindra Bhavan as a museum containing Rabindranath Tagore’s photographs, paintings, writings and his other memories.

To commemorate this historic day, this special cover was released at Mungpoo by chief Post Master General North Bengal Circle on 21st August in Mungpoo. Only 1000 pcs of these covers will be released which will be sold from ePost(Online shop) and Philatelic Bureau at Kolkata GPO at Rs 100/- each cover.
A special ,edallion will also be released to commemorate this event with antique bronze finish with very high relief in a limited edition of 500 pcs only.

To wintess this historical moment Post Master General North Bengal Circle Lalitendu Pradhan, SSP Darjeeling Subash Darnal, Alok Kumar Goyal AG Impex Kolkata, Cinchona Director Dr. Samuel Rai, Chief chemist Karim, Mungpoo Post Office Master Daniel Yogi, Saraswati Higher Secondary School teacher incharge Chndrakala Rai were also present.

Special postal cover on Rabindranath Tagore
भारतीय डाक सेवा पश्चिम बङ्गाल सर्कल द्वारा कवि गुरु रबिन्द्रनाथ ठाकुरको स्पेसियल कवर अथवा बिशेष आवरण आज मङपु स्थित रबिन्द्र श्रमिक कल्याण केन्द्र अर्थात रविन्द्र भवनबाट सार्वजनिक गरिएको छ | प्रचलित डाक टिकट संग्रहक आलोक कुमार गोयाल, एके इम्पेक्स कोलकाता द्वारा प्रस्तावित अनि डिजाइन गरिएको यस आवरणमा कवि गुरु रबिन्द्रनाथको मङपुमा स्थित प्रतिमा, बङलो आदिको चित्रहरु उतारिएको छ भने यही स्पेसियल कवर द्वारा नै कविगुरु रबिन्द्रनाथको डाक टिकट निकालिने भएको छ | आजको ऐतिहासिक कार्यलाई साक्षी दिंदै पश्चिम बङ्गाल सर्कल पोस्ट मास्टर जेनेरल ललितेन्दु प्रधानको बाहुलीबाट यो कवर लोकार्पित गरिएको छ | कवरको लोकार्पणले भविष्यमा रबिन्द्रनाथ संगै मङपुको नाम पनि विश्वभरि प्रचलित हुने आजको कार्यक्रमले बताएको छ | बिश्व कवि रबिन्द्रनाथ ठाकुर जो मङपुमा चार पटक आइ यहाँ बसेर यहाँकै बासिन्दाहरुसित आफ्नो समयहरु बिताउंदै थुप्रै कविताहरु रचेका थिए, चित्रहरु कोरेका थिए भने ती ऐतिहासिक सबुतहरु आज पर्यान्त मङपुको रबिन्द्र संग्राहलयमा सुरक्षित राखिएको छ | कवि गुरुसित जडित मङपु बाहेक अन्य कुनै स्थान पनि त्यस्तो प्रचलित नरहेकोले बिशेष गरेर मङपुलाई नै उनको नाम जोड्ने काम हुन्छ भने आज डाक विभागले पनि यही सत्यलाई अपनाएको छ | कार्यक्रममा सिन्कोना निर्देशक डा० सामुयल राई पनि अतिथिको रुपमा आशिन थिए जसले आफ्नो सम्बोधनमा यस्तो महत कार्यलाई आफु लगायत मङपुबासीले नबुझेकोले महत्व नदिएको बताउंदै आफू पनि कार्यक्रममा आएर मात्र स्पष्ट बुझेको बताए भने उपस्थित डाक विभागका पदाधिकारी समक्ष आफु अनि सम्पूर्ण मङपुबासीको पक्षमा क्षमा माग्दै आउँदो दिनहरुमा यस्तो कार्यहरुमा अवश्य सहभागिता दिने जनाए | यसको साथै उनले कवि गुरु लगायत सिन्कोनालाई नै डाक टिकट अनि भारतीय सिक्कामा छपाउने दिशामा आफु लागिपरेको बताउंदै डाक बिभागले एउटा कार्य पुरा गरिदिएकोमा धन्यबादी राहेको जनाए |
कार्यक्रममा डाक बिभागका पदाधिकारीहरुले जनाए अनुसार मङपु क्षेत्रमा डाक टिकट संग्रह गर्न चाहने इच्छुकवर्ग भएमा मङपु डाक घरसित सम्पर्क गर्दै डाक संग्रहको एकाउन्ट खोल्न सक्ने बताएको छ |
कार्यकममा डाक विभागका उच्च पदाधिकारीहरु पोस्ट मास्टर जेनेरल, उतर बङ्गाल ललितेन्दु प्रधान, एसएसपी दार्जीलिंग सुबास दर्नाल, रवि सेवक, आलोक कुमार गोयल, अन्य पदाधिकारीवर्ग लगायत सिन्कोना निर्देशक डाक्टर सामुयल राई साथै मङपु पोस्ट अफिसका पोस्ट मास्टर दानियल योगी अनि अन्य डाककर्मीहरु, सरस्वती उच्चतर बिधालय शिक्षक प्रभारी चन्द्रकला राई, भुतपुर्ब प्रधान अध्यापक रम्बी हाई स्कूल समल कार्की, सिन्कोना चिफ क्यामिस्ट करिम लगायत अन्यको उपस्थिति रहेको थियो ||

SSB observed Sadbhavana Day

Sadbhavana Day celebration by SSB
Sadbhavana Day was celebrated at Frontier Hqrs, Sashastra Seema Bal, Siliguri yesterday on account of holiday (Saturday) today. Shri Kuldiep Singh, IPS, Inspector General, Siliguri Frontier said that the day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi in order to encourage national integrity, peace, love and communal harmony among the Indian people of all religions.

Shri Kuldiep Singh read out Sadbhavana Day Pledge and all SSB officials have repeated it. All SSB units under Frontier Siliguri celebrated Sadbhavana Diwas or Harmony Day.

PV Sindhu lends silver lining to Olympic campaign

PV Sindhu and Carolina Marin after the Olympic gold match
PV sindhu file graphP.V. Sindhu’s bold shot at the Olympic gold was competently handled by two-time World Champion Carolina Marin, as the Spaniard prevailed 19-21, 21-12, 21-15 at the Riocentro Pavilion on Friday.

The 21-year-old Sindhu joined shooters Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Vijay Kumar and wrestler Sushil Kumar to win the Olympic silver for India. Even though she tried hard and was intense throughout, Sindhu was unable to match Carolina who played a solid game and was quite fluent with her strokes, especially at the net.

In fact, it was a fortuitous turn that saw Sindhu, trailing 16-19, jumping into the lead to clinch the first game and the initiative. Carolina was unusually unsure and fumbled with her shots at that stage, leading to a string of mistakes.

It was a 52-shot rally that Sindhu had won to bridge the gap to 16-17, before an error from her and a smash by Carolina saw the Spaniard jump ahead with what proved to be her last points in the first game.

Sindhu made a reflex shot to get out of trouble and clinch the game on the first set point. It was too much of a dream to win five points on the trot, from such a position, against such a champion. It did not last long.

True to her nature, Marin, who played well throughout the match, and reacted to the shuttle pretty sharp most of the time, composed herself quickly and attacked with renewed vigour to take a 11-2 lead in the seocnd game.
Sindhu struggled with her judgment and strokes. The wiry Indian, who had won two medals in the World Championships, kept looking at coach P. Gopi Chand for the solutions to all her problems.

Dronacharya coach Gopi Chand kept guiding and encouraging Sindhu to play her game, but the execution did not match the knowledge, for sheer lack of experience on the big stage for the young girl.

Yet, Sindhu had done well to go one step forward, after former World No.1 Saina Nehwal had won the bronze medal in the last Olympics in London in 2012.Carolina was a class act as she won the second game, to be on par. The stylish left-hander came up with two gems, two cross court drops from the two corners of the court, one after the other, that saw Sindhu rooted to the ground.

For sheer deception and perfection of execution, Carolina was razor sharp this day.

In the third game also, Carolina jumped up to a 6-1 lead, and Sindhu started opening up and playing close to her attacking best to bridge the gap, and be on par at 10-10. Carolina was cool and shot ahead winning six of the next nine points, thanks mainly to her accuracy of judgment.

Even then, at 16-14, it was anybody’s game. It was Carolina who handled the climax like a champion, tapping quick and conjuring up drop shots at will to set up six match-points at 20-14. She missed the first, but delivered on the second, sending PV Sindhu diving desperately for an irretrievable shot.

It was time to celebrate for Carolina and she was sprawled on the court, thanking her stars, for many seconds before Sindhu walked around to congratulate her, heartily, like a true sport.

Interestingly, like Rajyavardhan Rathore and Vijay Kumar, the shooters, Sindhu also won the Olympic silver medal on maiden appearance.

When all the attention was on Saina Nehwal the star in Indian badminton, Sindhu stayed in the shadow before serving the bolt from the blue. She played fantastic, much above her stature as a top-10 player for the precious Olympic medal, beating some of the best along the way.

The Badminton Associaiton of India announced Rs.50 lakh for Sindhu and Rs. 10 lakh for her coach Gopi Chand.

It is time to enjoy the fruits of labour, before Sindhu gears up for bigger achievements with all the education she has acquired from the Games. (The Hindu)

GJYM welcomes Bimal's announcement to quit GTA

GJYM bike rally for Gorkhaland in Darjeeling
A day after Gorkha Janmukti Morcha president Bimal Gurung announced he would resign from the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration to spearhead an agitation for a separate  state, the party’s youth front pledged wholehearted support to his decision asserting they were ready to shed the Gandhi-wadi style of struggle.
Bolstered by Gurung’s speech on August 7 in Darjeeling where he urged the youths to promote agitation, almost all GJYM leaders today emphasised the need to give up the GTA for the sake of securing a separate Gorkha state. “We welcome our party president’s decision to quit the GTA and start the statehood agitation. We have are being suppressed by the state government while the central government appears least interested in our issue. Now we cannot continue with the Gandhi-wadi Andolan because the water has gone over our heads,” thundered Barood Thapa, the GJYM Kalimpong sub-division president, in a public meeting held today in Darjeeling.
The youth wing supports Gurung’s decision to kick-off an agitation, but it also wants the GTA to be discarded outright. “Allegations have been hurled by the Opposition that an agitation cannot be started while running the GTA. By doing away with the council, our party president will give a fitting reply to the detractors and that is exactly what we want,” said Thapa.
During the last phase of the Gorkhaland movement in 2013, Gurung had resigned as the chief executive of the GTA on July 30 but assumed office again on December 26 of that year. Last year too, on September 10, Gurung had threatened to resign but did not carry out his threat.
Thapa also warned of a Kashmir-like situation in Darjeeling in a thinly veiled threat to the state and central governments to get their attention. “We have pledged to follow Gandhian principles and have done so. But now we will be forced to make Darjeeling into another Kashmir if the central government does not give us justice,” warned Thapa.
Samardeep Blone, the Kurseong sub-division general secretary of the GJYM, put the onus on the Centre to come true on its assurances. He said BJP leaders should take note of the situation developing in the hills. “Through this public meeting, we want to ask the Prime Minister when would his statement of ‘Gorkha ka sapna, mera sapna’ become a reality. We are also tired of requesting the Darjeeling MP of placing our demand in Parliament. Now time has come for the BJP led Centre to keep its promise as mere assurances will not work anymore,” he said.
Other youth leaders took barbs at the hill TMC, the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) and Jan Andolan Party (JAP) alleging they had sold the statehood demand for petty politics. “They speak what they are directed by Bengal. The 1986 agitation was compromised because of betrayers and the same is happening now. But now we will not forgive the betrayers,” said Bhim Subba, president of the GJM Bijanbari-Goke constituency.
Meanwhile in Kurseong, GTA Sabhasad Anit Thapa said eight Sabhasads including himself would also resign if the party president went ahead and quit.
GJM general secretary Roshan Giri said the decision taken by the Sabhasads from Kurseong sub-division to resign was right. “The decision by the Sabhasads from Kurseong is a right one. We expect more Sabhasads to follow suit. We will be holding meetings over the next few days to discuss the issue,” said Giri, who is also a Sabhasad from the Sitong-Latpanchar constituency.
GTA Sabhasads Anit Thapa, Yogendra Rai, Anju Thapa, Ratan Thapa, Pranay Thapa, Prabha Chhetri, Mahendra Pradhan and Champa Bibar from Kurseong and Mirik sub-divisions today announced  they would also follow suit if the GJM president did go ahead and resign from the GTA within two and two and half months, as announced on Thursday.
“We will only do politics after we achieve a separate state. Our party president has decided to resign and start an agitation and we will follow him as a separate state is our ultimate aspiration,” said Yogendra Rai, Sabhasad of the Kurseong town-Deorali constituency, after a meeting in Kurseong this evening.GJM youth front welcomes Bimal Gurung's announcment to quit GTA. (EOIC)

Seven Sabhasads to quit GTA with Bimal Gurung

Yuva Morcha rally in Darjeeling
Seven elected GTA Sabha members from Kurseong today announced that they would quit the hill body the day the chief executive, Bimal Gurung, resigned, saying there was no point in continuing in the autonomous set-up when he would be pursuing a movement for Gorkhaland.
The Gorkha Janmukti Yuva Morcha today told a rally that if any leader tried to back out of the statehood agitation, it would not be accepted.
Gurung had yesterday told the media that he would quit the GTA "in the next two to two-and-a-half months" and start an agitation for the separate state - an announcement he made without consulting the central committee of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha.
Before announcing their decision to quit the GTA, the seven GTA Sabha members didn't take into confidence the central committee either. The seven are Anit Thapa (Kurseong-Giddepahar constituency), Anoos Thapa (Tung-St Mary's), Pranay Thapa (Pankhabari-Longview), Yogendra Rai (Kurseong Bazaar-Deorali), Mahendra Pradhan (Sonada-Pachen), Ratan Thapa (Mungpoo) and Prava Chhetri (Tindharai).
"All GTA Sabha members from Kurseong have decided to resign from the hill body the day the chief executive, Bimal Gurung, quits. The decision has been taken to support Gurung," Rai told a press conference in the Morcha's Kurseong office on Monteviot Road.
Except Prava, all other six GTA Sabha members were present at the media interaction. According to Rai, Prava couldn't make it to the press conference as she was preoccupied with constituency-related work.
Two other GTA Sabha members from the Kurseing area, Roshan Giri (Sitong-Latpanchar), who is also the Morcha general secretary, and Champar Bivar (Panighata), were not part of the resigning group.
"We could not contact Giri and Bivar today," said Rai.
Asked whether the decision had been conveyed to Bimal Gurung, Anit Thapa said: "We have not yet communicated the decision to him. We have taken the decision in support of Bimal Gurung as there is no point in staying in the GTA when our leader wants to quit and start an agitation."
Rai said: "We came to the GTA through the Gorkhaland agitation and we have never dumped the statehood demand. We are not indulging in politics and are getting into an agitation"
He added that they would talk to other elected GTA Sabha members and impress upon them to take similar decisions.
Asked whether the Kurseong GTA members had thought about Trinamul controlling the hill body through the state government after their resignation, Rai said: "It is too premature to say who will be in charge of the GTA after we leave. This is a secondary issue for us. The primary issue is working for Gorkhaland."
Gurung had said yesterday that if other GTA Sabha members wanted to run the GTA after his resignation, they were free to do so.
In Darjeeling, the Yuva Morcha today held a public meeting and requested senior leaders of the party not to turn their back on Gurung's call for the Gorkhaland agitation.
Chandra Bhandari, the general secretary of the Yuva Morcha (Relling-Kaijalay constituency), said: "We request Morcha leaders not to turn their back on the call for an agitation. The Yuva Morcha fully supports the stand taken by our party president, Bimal Gurung. If any other leader conspires to withdraw the agitation, it will not be accepted."
The Yuva Morcha's call and the decision by the seven GTA Sabha members will put pressure on other GTA members to quit the hill body, along with Gurung, observers said.
There are 45-elected and five nominated members in the GTA. Of the five nominated, two are from the Morcha and three from Trinamul. Of the 45 elected members, Sanjay Thulung from Glenburn constituency has been absconding after his name cropped up during the investigation into the ferrying of illegal arms from Assam.
Asked about the decision of the GTA Sabha members from Kurseong, Giri said: "It is too early to comment now."(TT)

DHR not to allow heavy vehicles on Tindharia rail

trucks on Tindharia rail
The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway today said it would not allow heavy vehicles to ply on the road on which the toy train tracks had been laid at the landslide-hit portion of NH55 at Tindharia as this would put the locomotive workshop there at the risk of collapsing.
According to DHR officials, the Unesco has already expressed concern over the movement of heavy vehicles on the path of the heritage railway at Tindharia - located 30km from here - saying it can cause the collapse of the road and the locomotive workshop which is part of the heritage property.
"We will not allow the heavy vehicles on the road built by the railways for the toy trains at Tindharia at any cost because that area is very unstable. If we allow the movement of vehicles other than the toy trains, it can topple the balance causing the road to cave in and the locomotive workshop of the DHR to collapse. In fact, the Unesco officials are aware that trucks have plied on the 100 meter road built by the railways on August 16 and they have expressed concern for the locomotive workshop. This does not augur well for the heritage railway," said Narendra Mohan, the area officer of the DHR today.
"It is very unfair that the railways are being pressured to provide road for the plying of vehicles. That responsibility should be the state PWD's. But the PWD is keeping mum on the issue. Under the circumstances, we have decided not to operate direct trains from Siliguri to Darjeeling and vice-versa till the stalemate is over," he added.
On August 16, 200-odd trucks belonging to members of the Darjeeling Truck Drivers' Association (Kurseong unit) ran though the tracks on the 100 meter stretch. Heavy vehicles had not been plying on the highway since the landslide at Tindharia in September 2011 as the road is yet to be restored.
Trucks used to travel between Siliguri and Kurseong through the Rohini Road but that, too, was closed on July 26. Now, they have to take circuitous route via Mirik and Mungpoo to reach Kurseong.
The DHR authorities deployed RPF personnel to prevent the trucks from plying on the tracks at Tindharia after August 16. This has led the truck drivers to launch agitation at the spot. Discussions between the truck drivers, DHR authorities and local people on the issue at Tindharia were inconclusive yesterday.
The massive landslide at the highway on September 2011 had washed away the road and the tracks and put the 100-year-old workshop at the risk of collapsing. Direct toy train service from Siliguri to Darjeeling had been stopped since June 2010 because of a landslide at Paglajhora, 35km from here, on NH55.
In March 2013, Unesco had written to the Indian railways for immediate restoration of the tracks at the two landslide-hit spots on the highway and resume direct service between Siliguri and Darjeeling.
Following the rap from Unesco, the DHR cut the hillside, including a portion of the workshop, and created a 10ft space for the new tracks.(TT)