GJM to raise statehood demand with center soon: Dr. HB Chettri

Kalimpong MLA, Dr. HB Chettri
The GJM spokesperson and Kalimpong MLA, Dr. HB Chettri said the party will soon start putting pressure on the central government for the statehood demand and is awaiting an appropriate time. Speaking at the Shahid Diwas function held today at Shahid Park here, Dr. CHettri said, “The BJP-led central government has been in office for just three months now, so a Morcha delegation will visit Delhi in the next 6-8 months and table the Gorkhaland demand.” Justifying the delay in approaching the government further, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently dealing with many national and international issues of greater importance for the country and is also schedule to be out of the country. “Placing the demand under such circumstances is not right and would not offer any productive results,” Dr. Chettri pointed out.
He informed the BJP is aware about the Gorkhaland demand and there is not much to inform about apart from presenting an official request. “Senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani has already voiced his support for Telangana and Gorkhaland, while PM Narendra Modi has already said Gorkha’s dream is his dream. Therefore, our party has a lot of hope from the central government on the issue,” the GJM spokesperson said.
“This is the time to see the honesty of the BJP leadership, who had supported the demand when they were in the opposition. If the BJP government cannot provide us Gorkhaland, no one else can,” Dr. Chettri stressed.
He further pointed out the statehood demand is getting prolonged due to the political situation in the hills and the lack of long-sighted and influential people for the movement. “Despite a few MPs raising voice in support of Darjeeling hills and making headlines in newspapers, it has not been able to make an impact. Unless the Gorkhaland demand gets momentum in Parliament, it would be best to wait and watch for the opportune moment,” Dr. Chettri added.(EOIC)

Shahid Diwas in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kurseong

GJM, GNLF observe Shahid Diwas separately
KURSEONG: Shahid Diwas or Martyrs’ Day was today observed in different places of Kurseong region as it was across the Darjeeling hills.
The GJM and GTA representatives, under the banner of the Shahid Diwas Samaroha Committee, observed Martyrs’ Day at Eagle’s Crag here, where a large number of party supporters and its activists including family members of those killed in 1986 and more recently were present. Kurseong Municipality chairman Samirdeep Blon paid homage by lighting lamps and offering flowers at the Shahid Bedi.
A programme was also organised by the committee at the GDNS Hall to pay their respects to the martyrs and their family members. The chief guest of the programme was Dr. Rohit Sharma, MLA, Kurseong Constituency.
Shahid Diwas in Darjeeling
“We have not given up our fight for Gorkhaland and will certainly attain statehood one day to honour the sacrifices of the martyrs,” he said.
At the same time, the GNLF also observed Shahid Diwas at Longview Tea Estate. It was learnt that hundreds of GNLF supporters from many part of the hills had gathered at the tea estate under the leadership of the GNLF Kurseong branch president Nima Lama.
On July 27, 1986, a large numbers of statehood agitators were killed in CRPF firing during a rally in Kalimpong that sparked the inferno of the Gorkhaland agitation led by Subash Ghisingh, which stretched for more than two years. During the period from 1986 to 1988, as many as 1,200 people are expected to have been killed. Finally, a truce of sorts was signed in 1988 between the central and state governments and the GNLF leading to the formation of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council. Since then, July 27 has been observed each year in the hills as Shahid Diwas and it is a holiday.(EOIC)

 Different Political parties observe Shahid Diwas in Kalimpong

Various political parties today observed Shahid Diwas in their own way across Kalimpong. The GJM marked the day by holding a memorial programme at Shahid Park in 11-Mile, the GNLF organised a programme at Tricone Park, while the CPRM held a memorial service at the party office premises in Saghobato.

At Shahid Park, the GJM area leaders and supporters offered khadas to Shahid Memorial in the park, paying respect to the martyrs of the statehood demand agitations since the 1980s. The function was attended by the GJM Spokesperson and Kalimpong MLA Dr. Harka Bahadur Chettri, party’s Kalimpong unit general secretary Kumar Chamling, convener Norden Lama and central committee member Bijay Sundas among others. The party also felicitated the family members of the statehood martyrs. The leaders while addressing the function stressed that fighting for statehood demand and delivering it would be the greatest way to honor the sacrifices made by the martyrs.

Similarly, the GNLF also observed the Shahid Diwas after a gap of many years at Tricone Park, where large number of party leaders and supports enthusiastically took part in the function. The party supporters sang Gorkali patriotic songs and paid respect to the martyrs by offering khadas at the Shahid memorial in the park. The GNFL Kalimpong committee president Maurice Kalikotay said July 27 is a day to honor the sacrifices made by the Gorkha people for their birthright. “Therefore, we should never forget the contribution made by the martyrs for Gorkhaland and the Gorkha identity. The DGHC was also formed due to the sacrifices made by these martyrs and should be reinstated again,” he added.

Meanwhile, the CPRM also observed Shahid Diwas by paying respect to the martyrs by offering flowers and khadas. The programme held at the party office in Saghobato was attended by the CPRM central committee vice-president JB Rai, the CPRM president Arun Ghatani, Kalimpong committee president Kishior Pradhan and general secretary Mohan Poudyal among others. JB Rai said the debt that has been left behind by the sacrifices made by the martyrs can only be repaid by the formation of Gorkhaland. Stating the demand for Gorkhaland is constitutional, he called on the Gorkha people to work honestly towards achieving demand through organised and well coordinated movement.(EOIC)

Meaningless to celebrate Shahid Diwas - CPRM

Meaningless to celebrate Shahid Diwas - CPRM
The Darjeeling hill region has been observing ‘Shahid Diwas’ on July 27 since the fateful day in 1986 when several activists of the separate statehood movement fell victim to police bullets. On the eve of this historic day, the Communist Party of India (Revolutionary) has put posters across Kalimpong town reminding the public that only a separate state of Gorkhaland will realise the dreams of the innocent martyrs.
The CPRM posters point out that just by setting up autonomous administrative councils such as the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration and crying hoarse demanding the passage of the Sixth Schedule status for Darjeeling will not fulfill the aspirations of those who sacrificed their very lives. Even after the occurrence of such a sad incident, it is unfortunate that people are still sticking with setups such as the GTA and DGHC including the Sixth Schedule, scream the posters.
Observing Shahid Diwas each year on July 27 is just fanfare and an obligation that is not required as the gatherings hold nothing of significance, asserts Kalimpong CPRM unit president Kishore Pradhan. Not a single political setup in the hills is truly indebted to the sacrifice made by so many people nearly three decades ago, he said. Regional parties are busy making efforts to strengthen their party activities and debating on whom should fall in line to climb the party hierarchy instead of galvanising into a united front to take forward the statehood movement. According to Pradhan, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and Gorkha National Liberation Front brass has totally failed to give a political shape to the statehood movement and are just putting up a façade.
Further, CPRM secretary Mohan Paudel alleged the real aspiration of the hill people has not found the right direction given the narrow and self-centred interests of the powers that be in the region. He said it is despicable to say the least that the sacrifice made by 1,200 people in 1986 during the GNLF movement and the seven lives that were willingly sacrificed have not been repaid their rightful dues. Observing Shahid Diwas by paying floral tributes and making inflammatory speeches will not give peace to the departed souls, but what truly will is the earnest and sincere efforts by the individuals who have the wherewithal to sacrifice their hearts and souls to the statehood cause.(EOIC)

गोजामुमो र एकता समाज द्वारा भिन्न भिन्नै स्थानमा शहीद दिवश पालन

स्थानीय गोजमुमो मङपु जोन कार्यालयमा मङपु जोनको आयोजनमा शहिदहरुको स्मरणमा श्रद्दासुमन अर्पण गर्दै शहीद दिवस भब्य रुपमा पालन गरियो | पार्टी अध्यक्ष प्रदीप छेत्रीको अध्यक्षतामा सम्पन्न भएको यस कार्यक्रममा मङपु जोन साथै बिभिन्न शाखाका प्रतिनिधिहरु उपस्थित रहेका थिए | मोर्चा मङपु जोन सचिव रतन लामाले संचालन गरेको समरोहमा पार्टी अध्यक्ष प्रदीप छेत्रीले दीप प्रज्वलन गर्दै शहीदहरु प्रति नमन गरे | सभालाई सम्बोधन गर्दै पार्टीका मुल सचिव रतन लामाले १९८६ सालको दशकमा गोर्खाल्याण्डको निम्ति आफ्नो प्राणको आहुति दिएर शहीद बनेका १२०० शहीदहरुको सम्झना गर्दै प्रात: स्मरणीय आन्दोलनकारी प्रमिला शर्मा,अक्बर लामा,बिकी तामांङ,नीता खवास,बिमला राई रबिन राई साथै ज्ञात अज्ञात शहीदहरुको सम्झनामा श्रदा सुमन अर्पण गर्दै उनीहरुको त्याग र बलिदान प्रति सम्पूर्ण गोर्खा जाति नतमस्तक रहेको कुरो सभामा जनाए | शहीदहरुको सम्झनामा सम्पूर्ण उपस्थितिगणद्वारा केहि क्षण मौन धारण गरेर आफ्नो श्रदा भावना अर्पण गरियो |

 एकता समाजद्वारा शहीद दिवस पालन

shahid dewas in mungpoo
देशको सिमानामा रक्षा गर्दा गर्दै शहीद हुने भारतीय गोर्खे शहीदहरुलाई स्मरण गर्दै मङपु एकता वेलफेर फोनडेसन समाजका सदस्यवर्गले आज स्थनीय शहीदहरुको शहीद वेदीमा पुगी श्रदा अर्पण गर्दै राष्टिय तिरंगा झण्डा लगाए | मङपु एकता वेलफेर फोनडेसन समाजका सचिव सुबास राईको अगुवाईमा संस्थाका सदस्य सदस्यवर्गले शहीदवेदीमा पुगी साफ सफाई गर्नको साथै शहीदहरु प्रति श्रदासुमन अर्पण गर्दै पुष्पअर्पण गरे | स्थानीय शहीदहरु पासांङ शेर्पा,प्रभात छेत्री,सुजीत थापा अनि संजय राईको शहीदवेदीमा पुगी संस्थाका प्रतिनिधिहरुले तिरंगा झन्डा लगाउनको साथै शहीदवेदी वरिपरि साफसफाई गरे | संस्थाका सचिव सुबास राईको अगुवाईमा राजेश प्रधान,प्रनेश छेत्री,प्रतीक प्रधान अनि दिपेश शाहद्वारा पनि शहीदहरुलाई श्रद्धाञ्जली अर्पण गर्दै शहीदवेदीमा खदार्पण गरियो | यसरी शहीदका परिवारको पक्षबाट पनि शहीदहरुलाई स्मरण गर्दै साथै श्रदासुमन अर्पण गर्दै दीपप्रज्वलन गरियो |

ASRB competitive examination for ICAR Officer recruitment

ASRB competitive examination for ICAR  Officer recruitment
Agricultual Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB) announced to hold its competitive examination for the recruitment of Administrative Officer (AO)  and Finance & Accounts Officer (F&O) in an Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)

Post details:
Administrative Officer (AO) : 18 posts
Finance & Accounts Officer (F&O) :  10 posts

Examination date:  23/11/2014 
Pay Scale : PB-3 Rs.15600-39100 grade pay Rs.5400/-
Age limit : 21-30 years as on 01/09/2014.

How to Apply : Candidate should apply Online at at ASRB website from 01/08/2014 to 01/09/2014 only.

Find further details here at  http://www.icar.org.in/ or http://www.asrb.org.in/

GJYM confident on BJP over Gorkhaland Formation

GJYM confident on BJP over Gorkhaland Formation
The Gorkha Janmukti Yuva Morcha today held a press conference in Mirik, exuding confidence on the BJP-led central government to help the formation of Gorkhaland in the next four and half years. The press conference was conducted by GJYM central committee president Sanjay Thulung in the presence of secretary Amriut Yonzon and central committee member and GTA Sabhasad Prakash Gurung. The leaders said the next few years will be important for the youths from the hills and all should unite together for the cause. They said the formation of Gorkhaland will be a great boon for the development of the hills as well as the thousands of unemployed youths. The GJYM will also form a committee to take the demand for Gorkhaland ahead. Meanwhile, the youth leaders also informed the party will organise an event on August 2 in memory of statehood martyr Mangal Singh Rajput in Kalimpong.(EOIC)

GTA Chief condemn TMC over hawkers’ market at CR Das road

GTA Chief condemn TMC over hawkers’ market at CR Das road
Darjeeling, 25 July: The supremo of the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha Mr Bimal Gurung who is also the chief of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration today vehemently condemned the Trinamul Congress and the district administration bid to construct hawkers market at CR Das road or below Mall road, asserting: "It will not solve the hawkers plight and moreover it will obstruct the heritage beauty."
He reiterated that the GTA has already given one crore to the Darjeeling Municipality to chalk out provision to relocate 300 hawkers which according to his direction will be established at Yen Singh road near the taxi stand of Darjeeling.
The civic chairman Mr Amar Singh Rai added, "The plans are already being chalked out without breaking any rule of the book."
Notably, the proposed hawkers market at CR Das road will relocate only 42 hawkers, according to the building plan submitted by the district administration to the municipality for the nod.
However, the TMC-backed Astha Hawkers Welfare Association for whom the construction is being done has a strength of 247 members. Presently the hawkers are at the Mall road.
"We will not let this happen," Mr Bimal Gurung today said when asked about his stance over the construction. ( sns)